Help I'm constipated!!

What's the best thing to take for constipation ? I tried an enema last night and it kinda worked but not really. Maybe do two enemas?! I eat lots of fruits and veggies , drink 128oz water per day, etc. This is yet another side effect of Pristiq on top of insomnia and blurred vision. This has to be the worst though and is increasing the depression.



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  • Hey Jaco, oh sorry to hear you suffer from this on top of everything else. just what you need eh? Maybe try something mildly laxative like fresh Plums or any Berries, Figs, Apples, Prunes, Pears. If that is not enough to get things moving, try to add flax seeds or chia seeds to your meals. If you really can't get things happening with that, there are over the counter stuff to buy, but they can be rather...effective shall we say and you better have a rest room nearby once the magic happens...:)

    I hope you find your rhythm!

    Big Hugs Xx (or squeeze:) )

  • Hi Jaco2016 I get this alot try cranberry juice or prune juice eat plenty of fibre if you don't manage to go visit your gp they probs give u fibregel it's what I take dosnt taste nice but sure dies the trick I also eat lots of red grapes they help me move along hope this helps

    Nat 😁

  • Thank you will try the cranberry or prune juice and grapes. I do take Metamucil every day but that doesn't help.

  • Aww bless you it's awful when your all backed up I get it alot but I suffer with IBS so I'm always either blocked or not you have some good advice on here my friend I hope your pain eases soon and your discomfort

    Take care


  • Magnesium pills are another alternative.

  • Milk of magnesia! Or stool softeners help.

  • Thank you all for your responses. I'm looking forward to clearing out this blockage . Will keep everyone posted on how it goes 💩

  • Try prune juice. It helps me a lot.

  • Apple juice!!

  • I use magnesium citrate powder. It works for constipation. If you use the brand Natural Calm it works to lower anxiety as well. Good luck!

  • The P's...pears, peaches and prunes. Miralax is tasteless and you can put it in any non-carbonated beverage. Benefiber helps too. I use both; I take them for pelvic issues. Because they are both taken with water (well, I take them with water) it helps me get an extra 4 glasses of water in per day.

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