My (assumed) anxiety

Hello, I'm GamerFTW184 (AKA Gamer). I assume I have anxiety and have some panic attacks for some loud noises behind me which is really scary, I've shown my father my anxiety on what he says verses what actually happens to me and he finally understands.

I play games to try to stop these attacks but it never works but it helps me to stop having nightmares which I hate. Games is the way to stop having nightmares, I haven't had a nightmare in like months now because of games but I still have anxiety attacks and panic attacks at time to time.

I joined this because I want to see how others might have it worse or better than me. Thank you for taking time reading this story about my assumed anxiety attacks and sometimes panics.

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  • I assumed I had anxiety when I first joined too and I have found this place to be helpful. I hope you find help within this community too! It's comforting to know we aren't alone.

  • Yeah, it is. Feels quite nice not being alone.

  • Hey gamer, firstly welcome to the community, secondly im sure you can see already that you're not alone in your assumption of anxiety (I second that lol) thirdly, please tell me what video games you play that have stopped your nightmares????? I have nightmares CONSTANTLY and I would love to give video games a try to see if it works for me as well. I'm a girly girl tho, are you at all familiar with Sims? Do you think Sims would be worth the try??

  • I haven't tried Sims but you can try and maybe after a week, it might kinda disappear. I usually play Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Rocket League.

  • Ok I'm going to try Sims. Your nightmares have disappeared completely??

  • Not completely but its really rare to get nightmares.

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