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Overwhelmed From Media

I find that the ways of the world are overwhelming me. You can't escape politics, negativity, images you don't want to see but happen to scroll upon. There is way too much information coming to me, devastating information back to back to back to back. I find myself feeling hopeless and feeling extremely lost in the world. I just want true solitude for a second. How do you all not let this sick world depress you? It REALLY messes with my spirit.

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Hi poodiepie,

The answer is simple, quick and easy. Use the OFF button on all your electronic gadgets, everything from TV, Radio, mobile phone, tablet and computer. You will go backwards in time to a much simpler life. In the time you now have, engage in some ME time activities to do yourself a favour, anything that takes your mind away from your troubles. :)


So easier said that done. I feel like this is just the world we live in now. Everything is electronic. Even when I'm not doing something remotely related to technology I can't stay still for the life of me, trying to undo years of constant stimulation. It's only an issue now because the overstimulation is all bad and driving me insane.


i just say to myself, "I don't have it that bad", you know, know matter how bad things get, somewhere else somebody has it worse,that's just a fact,sorry,sometimes when the media gets to me i'll quit reading the newspaper .There are other things to do besides keeping up with current events,some stuff that is happening realy sucks, gets me angry, but i'm not in control of that, let go and let god.


blackcat64013 to poodiepie good advice to follow .

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Are you on any medication? Depression is an insidious illness, one that seems to creep up unexpectantly and which reaches out to all those synapses your brain as an organic entity has formed over the years of your living, the pleasant ones, the angry ones, the indifferent ones. The mind soon then becomes clogged with thoughts and reasonings which affect the whole business of thinking and then it becomes almost impossible to rid yourself of your histories in order to concentrate on being well which is achievable you know. Have you ever been referred for councilling? Sometimes that, along with antidepressants, is helpful. You ought to inform your GP of how serious your depression has become so that s/he can review the medication you are currently taking and maybe change it to something which actually does what they are supposed to do. I wish you well, my friend, and do keep me informed of your progress or no progress.



Hey, I know what you mean here and I agree it can be over whelming seeing all this negative media from Commercials running like 24/7 about Cancer, Homeless, starving kids ect... It's never ending.

before I used to be able to escape it all for a couple of hours like going to the gym do a Spin class for 45mins then take a break to get something from the coffee shop then back again to join another class I loved it.

but then my Health took a turn for the worst and my Anxiety and depression became bad. Its been almost a year since I've been to the gym.

I don't watch tv as much anymore or read the news paper or listening to the radio. TV I watch only Films or my Family Guy or now the new show BROMANS.

sorry for rumbling on here. But I hope your feeling better from this post written here and you've found a way for you to disconnect from the digital and media world even if Its just for an hour?


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