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Anxiety over social media

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Hey guys!

I've been dealing with a lot of stuff in my personal life, plus the the problems of the outside world.

I can't stress enough how much of a nutshell this era is, everything it's political, everything you do it's wrong even if you are trying your best to be the best version of yourself.

It's really tiring seeing the online world when it comes to this problems in the real world. Not denying at all that there's awful things happening in every part of the world... But I'm human, and I can't be everywhere at the same time, I can't do or "save" or "Help" everything.

I'm also really tired that people now are more worried about skin colour, than the persona itself, "you are only the colour of your skin", "you are the one to blame for all that happens to me", "I hate xwy people", "your are privileged for this and that and I don't".

That's why, I decided to take my head and eyes off from social media, all of them.

It's creating me a lot of unnecessary and dumb anxiety for something that it's not even my fault. I'm done and tired of extremism.

We need to find again harmony within ourselves, not validation out there from "doing what it's right".

Does anyone else feel this way?

14 Replies
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Absolutely agree with you. It's ridiculous how childish politicians have become. People are people, no matter the skin colour, all should be respected, in my view.

Cheers, Midori

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Ann_ax in reply to Midori

Thanks for taking the time to read me.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks like this.


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Blueruth in reply to Midori

On the plus side there are some really stellar up and comers. My junior congress person is super fantastic and although privileged, standing up for every one is not surface. I have seen him in action. Our governor is really good too. Gay and answers questions in English and fluent Spanish.

In the next city there is a woman who was elected to city council at 22. You don't do that without being really impressive. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants in a ward that is heavily underserved.

I only mention this because the bad ones get a lot of attention but there are some really promising ones that roll up their sleeves and do good for the community. The only reason they are there is so many volunteers got out there and spread the word.

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I fight the battle of making sure people like me. It's not an easy one to get over and social media certainly doesn't help. I'm trying to just seek the approval of God and gain my self confidence from Him. I've just been talking to Him when I start to get anxious and seek His peace. Maybe that's an answer for you too?

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Ann_ax in reply to lfallis

Thanks for that but in all honesty it's not my answer.

I rather connect to what is in front of me and seek peace from nature, from the now and live in the real physical world.

Thanks for taking the time to read me and answer me. Take care please!!

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Blueruth in reply to lfallis

What is interesting is you traded trying to get people to like you with trying to get approval from faith. What would happen if you were to try to love yourself?

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lfallis in reply to Blueruth

The good thing about seeking God is that he loves me regardless. I’m so used to ‘conditional ‘ love. That’s what I have to realize.

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Blueruth in reply to lfallis

That’s quite safe.

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I like keeping up with news and politics so mature discourse is good. That said there isn't a lot of healthy discourse on SM. It is simply designed for outrage. The most angry post wins. I think that is why far right wing posts get the most views.There are some worthwhile things. I keep only the most positive political activists/political leaders on my feed. The local BLM group was posting some incredible empowering photos that are just amazing. I joined a bunch of groups that support my goals and hobbies. I joined one large group that was in my interests and it was really toxic so I left.

Even with all of that I am totally tired of the intolerant and selfish people who think facts are opinion. It feels like a rock and a hard place. You want to stand up for the people they are hurting but you know there is little to no chance they hear you on social media. Still I do it out of principal. And I vote.

I am trying to spend less time on Facebook. So I am doing many more exercise groups. That is a way to be social and they are nice communities. I see the same faces or meet new ones.

That is the issue with things being so polarized right now. All you hear is screaming from both sides. And you are forced to pick a "team" and if you don't you are ostracized by all. I don't much like it either. You cannot have a different opinion because you are either a snowflake or some kind of ist someone wants to label you as. Then both sides blame the other and run around on a crusade because somehow one side is more pushed than the other which is just not true on either side but in the echo chamber no one can hear you over their own voice. It's truly frustrating because both sides of the spectrum are acting like idiots and neither side wants to back down. They would rather fight then actually talk and work on issues. Which is why we get no where in politics. Both sides bicker over minor details and end up hurting the rest of us but the party lines must be protected at all costs. It's really disheartening. I do understand your frustration because you can't even have a normal conversation anymore without the fear of offending someone. If you ever want to talk to someone I am around. I am more open than most and would rather actually engage in dialogue then just label someone an ist or a snowflake. You are not alone and there are many of us who are just exhausted with everything.

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Thank you so much for that, yeah this is getting out of hands!

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I take periodic breaks from FB

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I have extreme anxiety over social media. I only have FB and it is with very limited close non drama/non toxic family and friends. I don’t post and mainly keep it for family and friend non local updates. I find that all of the negative posts and drama of social media makes my head spin, increases my anxiety and is too much for my brain to process. I’ve stopped even watching the news…too much negativity for my brain.

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Ann_ax in reply to Mcmak444

I totally get you, it's just too much don't you think?.In my case I had instagram and dumb tik tok, although it is true that you find cool stuff on it such as tutorials and more, the winning side of this like other comments have said is the angriest boiling post or even video, its like if they are trying to put the blame on you no matter who you are.

Right now I'm still out of it, and I feel better than before.

Take care mate

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