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Any suggestions ?

I don't know how to manage my stress levels with GAD, although I haven't been diagnosed by a doctor yet I know I have it. Based on research of the disorder, normally when I feel overwhelming fear. I revert to activities such as organizing my space, coloring, drinking tea, writing, and bubble baths. Does anyone have any other suggestions to help with coping?

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Everyone is different you have to find something that you love doing, i started reading a lot and listen to a lot of music. I even started doing yoga. With GAD it's almost impossible to control the stress since our mind can't stop worrying


Try a lot of things and keep the ones who bring you peace, you should also go see a doctor to be sure that you have GAD


Seeing a doctor would be a great place to start like Danielle said.

They will give you some more help and advice. Support groups really help me during my day. So posting on here may also help you like it does to me.

I play video games but a lot of times I get anxious during those to. I have dogs that make me feel good. And I have been trying to get as close as possible to family members lately.


If you look up GAD it's normally by numbers figure out what category you fall under with your Dr. Meds can help but doing the things your Doing also help if your able to leave your house go for a walk. Another technique that works for me is laying flat on the floor with my arms above my head and it's like a full body stretch and Stay like that for 5 minutes. Baths make it worse for me because they raise your blood pressure with the heat and then it causes me anxiety. But everyone is different. I color alot which helps and so does walks or even going to a park and swinging. I feel silly doing that since I'm 40 but it helps to just clear my mind.


Thanks for your input!


I've had some positive results managing my anxiety as I'm applying the concept of ACT- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and MBCT - Mindfully Based Cognitive Therapy

Here are some videos (short) that shed light on these treatments. Best of all they are free, do it yourself.

Feel free to share and explore. There are several other videos, books and websites. Google it.

The struggle switch

Example of taking ACTion

The 6 key tennants of ACT

A visual excercise

MBCT Explained. TED talk

MBCT Free guided meditation excercise

(Start with the short ones)



thanks so much!


Here are a few more tips. I keep them copied in my phones notepad. I call it mundane toolbox

These are some of the tools I use. These are suggestions that work for me. Your results may vary but there are no negative side effects Only positive side effects Take what u like, leave the rest

- excercise releases your brains natural anti anxiety/ depessant chemicals. Rigorous enough to get to heavy breathing and blood flow. It can be as simple as jogging in place or climbing stairs

- diet changes. Caffeine and sugar are fuel for anxiety. Processed foods, greasy foods, fried foods and artificial sweeteners work against you. A clean diet can do wonders .

- avoid alcohol, it's a depressant.

- meditation , I use podcasts and YouTube videos to find guided meditations, self hypnosis and inspirational, self affirmation and acceptance. Use the search bar. Get a podcast app

- stay connected, don't isolate. Find forums like this one, recovery programs, church, etc to express your feeling and get feedback

- social connection - Create a free profileI'm at Meetup.com and attend meet ups with others who share similar hobbies and interests.

-Volunteer or support or encourage others is a good practice. doing things for others gets you out of ruminating about yourself. "Don't think less of yourself, think of yourself less"

- attitude of gratitude. As hard as it is, it could always be worse. I make gratitude list to remind myself of my blessings.

- write it down. Keep a journal, dig deep. Write letters to yourself, to god, your resentments, your fears, your inner child etc. be your own therapist. It's cheap

-Acceptance. Sometimes obsessing over anxiety can lead to more anxiety. Try not to try too hard. Google acceptance therapy (ACT ) for anxiety.

- professional therapy or counceling. Although it's cost prohibitive, sometimes it takes a professional to dig up the right questions.

-Avoid news, politics, and all forms of advertisements. They all use fear to control your emotions to generate a reaction.

-Avoid social media. Don't fall into the trap of comparing your insides with other people's outsides.

-Try natural supplements. Use google for tips. I have not received dramatic results but I know people who have.

These tips have no negative side effects. They are worth a try before resorting to drastic measures.

Good luck ✌️

PS- I watch this video when I need inspiration


thanks so much!


For the ACT therapy, do you know any good people to subscribe to on youtube for that? I;m still trying to get the hang on if it's something you do consistently etc. more importantly make sure I'm going about it the correct way


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