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Thinking I have AFIB

Hey guys so here for the past couple of months I've had weird nervous feelings in my chest. Every now and then my chest will have a fluttering feeling that's pretty intense. This happens maybe every few weeks or so if that. My doctors have done numerous tests on me but everything has been normal so far. EKGS and blood tests. I had an ultrasound of my heart back in February and things were normal but I wasn't having these feelings like I am now. I don't know if it's just my anxiety or if it really is afib. My heart rate has been slower than normal, around 59-65 when I'm laying down and around 70-90 when sitting or standing up. Maybe it's just my hypochondria but please give me insight! Thanks so much.

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If you hadn't already gotten tests, I would have suggested that. But since you've already been checked out and given a clean bill of health, it's more like anxiety than anything else.

First thing, stop checking your pulse. If something happens (which it won't) and you pass out, paramedics will be called to help. Until that point, the only thing that checking your pulse is going to do it freak you out. With anxiety, please recognize that you are making it worse.

There is a subset of OCD called "Pure O", unlike text book OCD where you have an intrusive thought (obsession) and then complete a ritual to try and alleviate the anxiety (compulsion), "Pure O" is mainly just obsession without visible compulsions. Some researchers file obsessions about your health as a type of OCD.

You might want to look treatments for dealing with intrusive thoughts (usually ERP).

Remember, Thoughts are Not Things.

"Thinking" something is wrong doesn't mean there is, it's just your anxiety doing that annoying thing that it does which is suck the joy out of life.

Be well,



Yes but when I got the echo back in February I wasn't having the feelings. I have had many echos since then but in order for them to diagnose it, the flutters must be present during an echo to find it. My doctors assure me it's not afib, but I feel otherwise like I said in the post.


Do you have acid reflux or digestion issues? I have GERD and one of my symptoms was episodes of esophagus spasms. They weren't painful which I guess they can be, but felt like flutters. Your esophagus is next to your heart. I had a full battery of heart tests to rule out any heart problems. I take Prilosec a couple times a week, and don't get them nearly as often. They seemed to be also caused by stress.


I get these same feelings in my chest and it bugs me out. They seem nonstop when I'm battling more anxiety than usual. Running and walking outside help me I find. Are you active at all?


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