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I thought when I finally found a doctor who would prescribe opioids for me so I could withdraw from ropinirole that things would be better. In some ways they are... I was sleeping some , more than I have in a year. I got a c-pap which is a positive . I still haven't found the right opioid. Tomorrow I start oxycodone. I have been tapering off methadone which I have been on for 3 to 4 weeks. It is horrible I am so depressed, stomach aches , sweating and shaking. I will probably call my doctor tomorrow. I don't want to go to the ER because they don't know how to treat RLS and it will be a nightmare .I am so traumatized by the past year of going through augmentation with insomnia , I don't think I could do it again. I know this post is garbled, but the brain fog is thick. . I am so scared, so not myself, so agitated. Pam

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Withdrawal sucks. Hang in there, Sweetie. One foot in front of the other. We're here for you.

Hi ,Pam dont know about the rls meds but was on methadone about 10 years ..awful stuff to come off ..the oxycodone will help hope you get some peace soon .

Good to know ss I've been worried about going from the frying pan into the fire.

So sorry you are going through this. Withdrawal is a tough experience, I've been through it.

Drink lots of water.

I hope you start feeling better tomorrow.

sweetiepye in reply to Dolphin14

Thank you. You guys always come through with need to know information. Water it is.


How does this relate ? ( you guys)

Don’t overthink it Pam

That's how my brain is working now....like a dog with a bone.

I thought youde been very quiet of late ,hope things get better soon

That was so funny! Where do you come up with this stuff? Great laugh


sweetiepye in reply to Dolphin14

It wasn't that funny. lol

Dolphin14 in reply to sweetiepye

Lol, I thought it was I could picture myself as the outsider watching someone sell meat from a van. I also love when comedians crack up while doing there skits.

How are you feeling right now?

sweetiepye in reply to Dolphin14

Well, I got desperate and took an oxycodone a day ahead of time. I skipped my last Methadone. I feel better, not so agitated.

Dolphin14 in reply to sweetiepye

Excellent! Good thinking. It's not going to make much difference in timing and the fact that you feel a bit better is a good sign.

Mayb you will be able to nod off.

I hope this is a turning point for you.

I’m scraping the barrel...would of put a song on for you but music won’t play but that’s another story

I'm still bitter about that music :(

I hope these next days and weeks it gets easier and you can find some comfort. I’ll be cheering you on❤️❤️

sweetiepye in reply to lena16

Cheers !

I’m sorry you are struggling Pam. Your posts are always so helpful and optimistic. I’m hoping you get back to feeling like you real soon.

I was hoping for someone else. Thank you for the kind words.

I am so sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well Pam. I hope the oxycodone is the answer and you get to feeling better soon. Hugs to you.

I don't know your whole story, so excuse me for possibly sounding ignorant.

But have you tried suboxone? to get off the opiates for good.

It honestly saved my life, i was hooked on opiates and had a pretty serious addiction... until i decided to stop and take control of my life, and I used suboxone to wean myself off the pills

I'm trying to withdraw from ropinirole and can't find an opioid I can tolerate. The last one I tried was methadone and I had nasty side effects, so after 4 weeks I am stopping the meth and replacing it with oxycodone . I hope it works. The idea is opioids help with the withdrawal of ropinirole. So far I haven't been able to decrease the ropinirole at all. I am not familiar with suboxone. I am always open to suggestions.

Hi Pam

So sorry to hear what you have been going through.

Really hope you will feel better soon.


methadone is one of the hardest drugs to come off im saying this through experience it is indeed worse than heroin itself , i do not know how or why they put you on such a horrible drug if your not a user , and i have always found it extemely strange why drs etc cannot prescribe something easier to drop , luckily you say you have been on it for just 3 weeks is that correct , i am no dr but usually 5 ml every 2 weeks until you get to 10 then i would do it even slower as the lasy 15 to 0 is the hardest u can do it gram support , people to talk to etc , i had to go into dettox then rehabilitation but mines was drud ddiction and years at that ok jason good luck

Thank you Jasjay,

OMG be careful with opioids. They are very addictive. Especially the one you are referring to. Try medical marijuana. It's natural and I haven't had any problems with it. It took me a while to detox from norco. I went in the hospital for 5 days by choice to detox from them

sweetiepye in reply to Tetelatia

I have been wondering about going into hospital at some point. I think I'll ask my doctor about it. At least for the hard part I am very aware of what opioids can do and I find it frightening . Thank you for your advice. I would consider marijuana although doctors I have brought it up to don't seem to endorse it. I have other medical issues that would prevent me from using without medical supervision. This is one problem I would like to be on the other side of. Pam

Agora1 in reply to sweetiepye

Pam, I'm for the idea of your being in a safe place like the hospital to get

stabilized or weaned off medication. Along with having the security of 24/7

help and support around you, they can also address any of your medical issues.

Wishing you well my friend. :) xx

sweetiepye in reply to Agora1

Thank you Agora, I see one of my doctors in the morning and will bring this up. I appreciate your opinion and knowledge, your concern and support. Pam

Agora1 in reply to sweetiepye

Pam, I choose hospitalization for myself years ago not only because of

medications but also because I was dealing with health issues as well.

During that time as in patient, they were able to address my meds while

under the safety of the hospital unit as well as take care of my physical

issues. It worked out for the best. Keeping you in my thoughts. :) xx


I hope that you’re able to stay safe during this rough time, I can’t even imagine what it must be like.

Many hugs to you.

sweetiepye in reply to Hidden

It's a lonely hell . Not a place you want to be in.

Thinking of you, Pam. Hoping you are able to sleep tonight and you and your doctor develop a good plan tomorrow.

Thank you.

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