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BAD day with anxiety problems combined with unsafe living conditions

I've been up all night and not able to sleep due to fear that the ceiling in my bedroom is going to collapse. I've already had the ceiling in my kitchen brought down due to renovation in the apartment over me and then just last week the living room ceiling caved in due to age and vibration from major utility construction in my street. I live in NYC and am just a working person so finding affordable housing is a horror. This is complicated by the fact that I work full time and have claustrophobia which limits my commute options where the subway is underground and I am also phobic with cars.

My new therapist is off this week and I haven't found a psychiatrist yet. If anyone has gone through a similar situation some advice would be appreciated.

I am going to try to go to work today since I was out last week with my collapsing ceiling my bosses will know something is wrong. Help...

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You sure have a valid reason for the fear - can you call the landlord or housing authority to get it fixed? You might ask your therapist for a referral to a psychiatrist, but if you can't find one right away, it may help you to get into your general physician and tell them what you are going through. They may be able to prescribe you and give it time to work as you wait to get into the psych doctor. :)



I do have problems with my landlord but yesterday turn out to be made worse by the panic attack. I called and got an appointment with a psychiatrist today. I hope I am on the right path. Thank you for your helpful advice.


That's great - sometimes it takes weeks to get into a psychiatrist . Best wishes


I know one office I called didn't have appts open for weeks. Finally got lucky. Went today and it is a very professional setup with an extremely happy professional staff.

thanks for help.

Hope all goes well for you too!


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