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No emotional support

I feel like I'm drowning from my current life situation. My mother passed away 7 years ago due to an auto immune disease and was really the only emotional supportive person I had in my life. Since my mothers passing, my father has become very closed off and we argue quite a lot. I can't tell him anything without being judged. About a month ago I brought up the idea of maybe myself needing more help to which he replied that the hospital would overload me on drugs and it's a temporary fix. So basically, discouraging me feeling I might need extra help. I try opening up about my depression and anxiety to him to which he replies in frustration: "I don't know what to do." Then making the situation worse telling me that I need to bring this up with my therapist more, even though I barely see her and it's very short sessions. He can be extremely overly critical and not understanding about me and my feelings. It's gotten to the point, where since he works from home, we don't talk unless we have to which can still miraculously lead to and argument. I am craving emotional support that he claims men can't give. Which sets the tone for all of my relationships. Struggling.

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A negative reaction from anybody can be difficult to cope with, especially from a family member.

If you feel able to, talk with your father about his reaction and how it affects you.

Let him know what would be more helpful.

Consider giving him information about anxiety and depression to help him understand more about what you are experiencing and how he can best support you.

Invite him to go with you to your next appointment with your doctor or counselor.

Try to accept that it may take time for them to fully understand what you are going through and some people may never be able to understand.

Talk to someone else to get the support you need.

Think about the people around you.

What if I feel like I have no one to talk to?

Is there someone who has shown you support in the past?

Is there someone more removed from your life that has had a similar experience?

You might be surprised to find there are people out there ready to support you.

Talk to your local doctor or a nurse practitioner if one is available at the surgery. They can help you to find other support options in your local area.

I have a very useful link for getting the conversation started. One the same website is information about anxiety and depression.

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I'm so sorry- my mom died 7 years ago this June of diabetes type 1 complications. Your dad may also be very depressed and you wanting to work on you is a scary subject. Guys typically want to fix things quickly and move on. Look up Grief Share and see if any churches have this. You might also look for Celebrate Recovery which is church related but not done through a specific denomination. It is a place to go for all sorts of support- depression, disease etc. your dad sounds like a great guy who wants to help but isn't doing a great job of communicating that, so you need more support. Why is the counselor so short on time with you? Maybe you need to find another. Focus on the Family has free counseling services as well. I realize it's all church related but that's all I know. Look them up and you should be able to find a number.


Sorry you are struggling. I hope that you reach out here. I am here, and I at times feel similarly to you. It sounds like you and your dad need each other more than ever.


I forgot to mention the most important thing. Don't keep your therapist if they are not helping you. I had four therapist from 3rd grade till I had graduated HS. Around 5 years ago I was seeing a therapist and psychiatrist for over a year Orr two. None had helped, nor was I ready to accept help. I now have a wonderful therapist from a rehabilitation place I had gone to for anxiety/depression. Now I have to look for another therapist. I think I will keep looking but go for group therapy. I found that very helpful

Check out in apps Calm and Headspace. Different exercises that may make you calmer


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