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Fighting Anxiety W/ Medication


I have been taking Zoloft and Vistaril for around 5 months and I don't know if it is the best option for me. My anxiety was so severe before I couldn't even sit still and I use to shake and tremble severely. I will not deny that I have been able to cope better with these drugs in my system but I'm upset with myself because I am not too excited for the withdrawal process. I've heard many things about it and I'm starting to think that I should handle my anxiety naturally without medication.

I would like to know people's personal experience with withdrawal and also personal experiences with naturally healing anxiety..

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I've been on medication since about 23 years old. Now 41. Wish I could help but I have not had much success without medication.

levymaria in reply to shan527

That's so unfortunate, I really hope they can find something for us that's more effective.

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Survivor1988 in reply to Hidden

I would like your opion to what does work

Sandyxoxx in reply to shan527

Hi I'm currently taking paxil n vistiral ,paxil for depression and vistral for panic attacks . Vistral helps somewhat ,was taking other anxiety meds for years ,docs took it away :( they say addititive ..hey it helped !

I've been on meds for 20 years. Now only on beta blockers. There just is no ideal solution or magic bullet. Talking about it and exercise are the best.

I really wish it was easier 😔

Same here. I've been on meds for 10 years and am afraid I'll be on them forever. 'Natural' approaches do not work for me.I want to enjoy my life rather than worry about being on meds

levymaria in reply to sandii100

I'm with you on that!!! I seriously feel like I depend on the medication for everything!

Hidden in reply to sandii100

Me too I'm not enjoying life. I can't have sex with my husband. I want to see a psychiatrist in a big city. Having problems there too.

My experience is withdrawal from celexa after 8 years of use. It sucked terribly and lasted for several months. After it was over I tried natural methods but they only worked temporarily or didn't work at all. So now I'm back on meds but no celexa this time

levymaria in reply to Jaco2016

What were your withdrawal symptoms?

Jaco2016 in reply to levymaria

Dizziness, dizziness, more dizziness, facial numbness, headache, difficulty concentrating. It did finally end though but it was hell

Laurese87 in reply to Jaco2016

It's been like 4 days and it feels like my muscles are tense and like I'm not in reality, even tho I'm still taking Clonazepam and trazadone and last night I panicked because I thought my heart rate was going down alot and couldn't catch my breath are these normal side effects?

Jaco2016 in reply to Laurese87

Did you take your heart rate and what was it? Panic attack could be a withdrawal symptom yes. Tense muscles and loss of reality yes I had that also I’m wothdrawal

Laurese87 in reply to Jaco2016

Heart rate seemed to be around 55 but I was doing it on Samsung health not sure if it's a reliable source but I've taken blood pressure and pulse everything seems to be normal but at night I'm irritated and yes I'm going through sore body sensations like tense muscles but I'd rather go through withdrawal tuan have headaches everyday, I quit 5 meds cold turkey last year after being on them for 6 years but they put me on SSRI meds and they didn't do well at all citalopram and Zoloft no way did they help

Laurese87 in reply to Jaco2016

How long did it take for you to notice a difference with celexa I'm on the generic brand citalopram?

Jaco2016 in reply to Laurese87

Maybe 3-4 weeks

Vistaril, aka Hydroxyzine, is an antihistamine, so there is no physical withdrawal you from stopping this medication. You may have somewhat of a psychological dependency, but there is no addictive properties of Vistaril.... It is just like Benadryl. With antidepressants, stopping suddenly is not recommended, and your Dr should discuss a plan of action for you if you are considering discontinuing to minimize or avoid any negative side effects. This comes from years and years of trial and error of almost every anti-anxiety medication including Vistaril/antidepressants/mood stabilizers...and I am a RN as well. Hope this helps put your mind at ease a bit :)

Thank you so much for the very helpful input! What medicine would you recommend for depression and anxiety

When it comes to antidepressants, everyone is really different, and it can take some time to find the right one. Often times dosages need to be tweaked, and you may have to try a few before you find what really works. Keep in mind also, it can take a few weeks to feel the effect of them. As far as treating the symptoms of severe anxiety goes, for me, Xanax is hands-down the best. You do have to weight the pros and the cons of taking any benzodiazepines, although VERY effective, they can be habit forming, and after discontinuing, you can have super bad rebound anxiety. If taken as prescribed, and only when needed, anything in the benzo family( Xanax, klonopin, ativan, diazepam are the most common) is a godsend when your anxiety is unbearable and causing really bad physical symptoms. Don't rely on meds alone though.... Therapy, yoga, exercise, breathing exercises, eating right etc etc are always beneficial and important as well

I completely agree. Thank you so much for all your help!

I had severe panic attacks start up again. I started to run for 40 minutes every morning after drinking 2 cups of ice water. It helped along with mindfulness meditation. Not a complete cure for me as started Xanax today for the bad days but it at least lessoned my attacks by 50%

Lag1 in reply to levymaria

Effexor is used to treat both anxiety and depression. I take XR. I also take Klonopin (I am so funny about taking it that my doctor actually told me to loosen up...use it. Take it on days that I know are generally stressful or particularly busy to help keep the edge off. I have been taking his advice and am far less anxious. Klonopin is good because it lasts longer than Xanax...however, it takes a bit longer to kick in.

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I'm scared of the anxiety and all the symptoms. I'm on klonopin, cymbalta, and buspar. I'm so scared he anxiety is worse. Should I go to crises center?

I too suffer from anxiety and have been using Essential Oils to help calm me as well as L-Theanine which is a natural amino acid from green tea extract. I also take 20 mg a day of Buspar but not sure it really works but very few side effects. I try to exercise too and work on this every day. I use Lavender, frankincense and diffuse or put a few drops on my wrists. Those are my go to items that are natural and at times do help me. Best to you

levymaria in reply to clmgoal135

Thank you for the help! After you put them on your wrist do you sniff them throughout the day?

clmgoal135 in reply to levymaria

I put them on my wrist and reapply often or best option is putting in a diffuser and diffuse throughout day and night.

Vistrial is just a antihistime and doesn't help much. Try Xanax!

levymaria in reply to drloonbird

I was on xanax before it definitely made me feel like a zombie but he stopped it because he did not want me to become addicted to it.


I agree! Visterial doesn't help much with bad anxiety. Ask your doctor about Xanax.

levymaria in reply to Hidden

I've tried xanax he switched me because he didn't want me to become addicted. Do you have any other recommendations for medicine?

At the lowest points it's difficult to generate motivation but sometimes we have to give ourselves the best possible chance for recovery by making lifestyle changes and working on things we can control naturally without meds

Often times we un consciously do things that work against us and sabotage recovery.

These are some of the tools I use. These are suggestions that work for me. Your results may vary but there are no negative side effects Only positive side effects Take what u like, leave the rest

- excercise releases your brains natural anti anxiety/ depessant chemicals. Rigorous enough to get to heavy breathing and blood flow. It can be as simple as jogging in place or climbing stairs

- diet changes. Caffeine and sugar are fuel for anxiety. Processed foods, greasy foods, fried foods and artificial sweeteners work against you. A clean diet can do wonders .

- avoid alcohol, it's a depressant.

- meditation , I use podcasts and YouTube videos to find guided meditations, self hypnosis and inspirational, self affirmation and acceptance. Use the search bar. Get a podcast app

- stay connected, don't isolate. Find forums like this one, recovery programs, church, etc to express your feeling and get feedback

- social connection - Create a free profile at and attend meet ups with others who share similar hobbies and interests.

-Volunteer or support or encourage others is a good practice. doing things for others gets you out of ruminating about yourself. "Don't think less of yourself, think of yourself less"

- attitude of gratitude. As hard as it is, it could always be worse. I make gratitude list to remind myself of my blessings.

- write it down. Keep a journal, dig deep. Write letters to yourself, to god, your resentments, your fears, your inner child etc. be your own therapist. It's cheap

-Acceptance. Sometimes obsessing over anxiety can lead to more anxiety. Try not to try too hard. Google acceptance therapy (ACT ) for anxiety.

- professional therapy or counceling. Although it's cost prohibitive, sometimes it takes a professional to dig up the right questions.

-Avoid news, politics, and all forms of advertisements. They all use fear to control your emotions to generate a reaction.

-Avoid social media. Don't fall into the trap of comparing your insides with other people's outsides.

-Try natural supplements. Use google for tips. I have not received dramatic results but I know people who have.

These tips have no negative side effects. They are worth a try before resorting to drastic measures.

Good luck ✌️

PS- I watch this video when I need inspiration

levymaria in reply to Meeasy

Thank you so much I will definitely try a few of these out

gamster5 in reply to Meeasy


I read every word of your response and it is great. I think we all need to read it and watch the video. You covered almost every tool that would be life changing and beneficial. My number one is my father God who is with me every minute and has given me strength to find out who I am and what I need to change. My physical problems are not going away, but I am adapting and finding ways to handle them. Adding a touch of humor helps to laugh when I get on the wrong road, know it and talk to myself and remember I have the choice to change. Music has helped in the middle of a panic attack. My biggest problem that I work on every day is forgiving myself. I know God has forgiven me but I feel that forgiving myself and the guilt I feel are the hardest thing I have to face and conquer. I remember that God said that all things will work out for the good and only he knows the reason why we are going through what is happening to us right now. I am 72 yrs. old, but I know God is working in my life and I trust and believe he can lift the mental pain I am going through on His time.

I have a great doctor who is working with me on medications and they help me to survive and I am thankful that he LISTENED to me.

Thank you again for your wonderful words and may God bless you always.


Meeasy in reply to gamster5

Thanks for the nice reply. I'm going to add comedy therapy to my toolbox list 👍 Good luck ✌️


What do you get when you see a long line of rabbits walking away from you? A receding hare line!

Just checking in on you and know that I care.

Hope your day is fruitful.

Hugs, gamster5


I just want you to know i'm in the same boat. I don't want to take the meds buti'm afraid to stop. I need a professional opinion. Having a hard time knowing what to do. Your not alone


I'm in the same boat. My medication isn't working or else my anxiety is worse. I'm afraid to get off meds because I'm afraid I'll be worse. I'm in a catch 22. On them I'm not good and I'm afraid I'll be worse without them. I don't want to take them.

The withdrawal was a nite mare, many Er visits !

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