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Bipolar and Borderline w/Anxiety

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It is just terrible what mental illness can do to a person's life. I had a severe nervous breakdown in February and it ruined my entire life. They took my sweet son away from me, and I am going to court trying to get him back. It is a living HELL. NOTHING like this has EVER happened to me. Anyone else ever had this happen? I could use ALL the advice I can get. Thank you!

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I'm sorry this has happened to you.

I cant really say anything ,


son taken,

I cant understand how you must feel

I'm sorry not much help.

in my thoughts,

take care

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Thank you :-) I appreciate your post. I really need support right now, and my entire family turned on me, rightfully so. But I feel I am being penalized for having mental illness. I've ALWAYS ALWAYS been a good mom (stay at home) until now. Can't they see this was so out of my character? Anyway, sorry to ramble :-) Thanks again for your reply.

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hope things work out for you ,😁

I hope your family can learn to trust you/forgive you 😁

you take care 😁

Your family should not have turned on you. Try to find a local support that will accept you as you are.

I don't understand your family being non supportive. I also don't understand you saying "rightly so" to their questionable behaviour.

You have a treatable mental illness. You didn't murder anyone right?

Don't focus on what happened in the past. Focus on getting better. When you have the necessary mental and physical strength, focus on getting your child back.

I'll say a prayer for you 🌹

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BonnieSue in reply to Lizbett

Dear Renee,

I'm so very sorry that this has happened to you and I hope and will be praying that you get your son back very soon.

I totally agree with Lizbett. I don't understand your family being non-supportive nor do I agree with you saying "rightly so" to their regrettable behavior. In both cases they are wrong, wrong, wrong. You became ill just as any other illness except it was due to chemicals in your physical brain not functioning correctly, not that your thinking was wrong, such as with selfishness (narcissism) or that you chose to gamble away your income and not support yourself and your child...but with real physical illness!

I have had 2 severe nervous breakdowns and both times my family has stood by me and taken care of my children the 1 time that my husband needed additional help caring for them due to their young ages. Your family should be ashamed of themselves that they couldn't be counted on when illness struck and even let a public agency take your child away when it could have been avoided if they had pooled their efforts and stood together when it really mattered. How traumatic for you and especially for your son!! Shame on them!! Unless they are simply so elderly that it's impossible for them to care for your son, or some other similar reason, I find their behavior extremely regrettable and I would have trouble associating with them ever again.

Thank you, Bonnie. Your post is SO HELPFUL. I actually agree with you. My mom is not elderly, she is just 'always the victim' and gets really mad at me. I can not help this mental illness, and am so sad they hate me. I do not think I will EVER trust them again after all of this. I also think families should come together, but mine does not see things that way, so they make me feel I am wrong for feeling the ways that I do. Sigh. I just don't know how to feel better after all of this. Thank you again for your awesome post and your sincere support. Your post means the world to me. XOXO

I'm glad it does some good! I mean every word of it and I know I'm not alone in my thinking. Can you imagine all of the people who have gone through exactly what you have but you don't hear of it because their family covered for them like mine did? It happens all the time but you won't know it unless you are part of some very private conversations. But you also aren't alone in having family who just doesn't get it and somehow think your problems are contagious or something similar and they keep far away from you and your problems. Bless you for hanging in there through the toughest of times. Let us support you during those times because we know what you're going though for the most part. xxoo to you, too!

Bonnie, your replies have been so helpful. You are a very kind person. Thank you again and again. I feel so much better knowing that you get it. I wish my family was just like yours. It would have made this so much easier. Thanks again :-)

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RENEENAY444 in reply to Lizbett

Thank you Lizbett. That is very sweet of you. I am trying SO HARD but it seems impossible now :-( I just keep trying daily. Thanks again.

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Lizbett in reply to RENEENAY444

Honey, that's all you can do at the current time - just keep trying a little daily. Just don't ever give up hope. Never do that and pretty soon you will begin to see the light through the trees.


I am So sorry you had a breakdown, I hope you are getting some quality help to get you back on your feet, I would talk to Social Services to see if they can help with the return of your son.If they cann't help I would think they know of sources that can help you. Yes it is a long hard battle but You will come thru it, be patient with yourself, love yourself, rely on friends and family if available. I send you Peace, Love and Serenity.....Sprinkle 1

p.s. I am in hell and hurting, but I know I can do it, so will you.

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