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Anxiety: the flight or fight response.


I was just thinking, you know how they say that’s what’s going on when you’re anxious? That you’re facing down a life or death situation, like a tiger about to eat you, and you have to either fight or run for your life. I’m always told that in therapy anyway, or something similar. I was just thinking of fight or flight, if I was standing at the edge of a cliff even though I’m afraid of heights and I have no safety gear and below is a dark abyss, and I’m just supposed to trust that if I jump I’ll be safe. That’s what anxiety feels like. I don’t know what I’m facing, there’s no tiger, there’s nothing that makes sense for what I’m feeling. It feels like it’s all normal stuff that other people deal with all the time and they don’t have any problems like I do. And every time make a step forward, it’s always off that cliff into the abyss, where I land on another cliff with another abyss to face. At least it’s comforting to have a general understanding of how I feel with anxiety.

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It always feels like I’m falling, and it’s terrifying. And then I land and I’m like “I’m glad that’s over with... oh great here we go again.”

Other people do have problems. Many people deal daily (& through the night) with severe pain.

Many people suffer many things.

You are not alone in suffering.

It’s more like I feel like the things I suffer from are so ordinary, that they aren’t things to be suffering about. Like I’m scared to walk out the front door, and that’s something people do all the time without any difficulties. I completely understand if someone was experiencing severe pain and suffering, but I don’t understand why I suffer with the things that I do. Does that make sense?

Yes, but many people suffer from that fear too. Whilst yes, many don't.

Yeah it’s like my logical brain is going “you’re an able bodied person, you’re completely capable of stepping outside that door.” And my anxiety is screaming “don’t do it! You don’t know what’s out there!” I just don’t understand why something I know I’m capable of doing is so hard to actually do.

Anxiety isn't about what is, it's about what could be. Hence the fear. Pam

Hello imasleep123. Ah yes the wonderful sympathetic nervous system. It’s crazy how active that can become when we have chemical imbalances in our brain. I definitely feel your pain with that analogy. Once I’ve mastered being less anxious about one of my symptoms, another one pops up and then I have to conquer that and it can be a vicious cycle.

When you say you feel like falling, do you mean literally or more so in the sense that you’re falling off your cliff analogy?


Both, idk how anxiety presents in your body, but sometimes it really feels like I’m falling to my doom. Like that rush of sensation 😖

Kind of like derealization? Like you feel out of body? Or is it more like you feel off balanced?

Both! Not usually at the same time, but I have felt both of those sensations when I’m anxious. It’s like you know me so well

Wow I’m so sorry to hear that! I only know because I experience that too. I usually need to fix my breathing when it comes to derealization or I need to do something exhilarating because that brings me back down to reality. But most of the time I just have to wait derealization out. As for the falling/off balance feeling that’s a key indication for me that I need to sleep or I’ve been super anxious. Anxiety is a crazy thing.


Wow, exactly the same for me too! 😊

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I agree with TrustnGod in that when these fears or doubts come over you, it

is time to adjust your breathing. Just the thought of going out can and will

turn your breathing around into holding your breath or hyperventilating.

The only thing that results with that is causing your anxiety to soar.

Breathing is a natural function of the body, however when under stress the

lies our mind tells us throw off that natural function. Practicing breathing

meditation daily will allow you to diminish all these false worries. :) xx

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I’m definitely working on that breathing and meditating! Thanks for your input! 🙂

in reply to imasleep123's what got me out of the house after having been agoraphobic

for 5 years. :) xx

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