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First Post- Anxiety Fighting


Hi all! My name is Rashell, and I’m currently suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, and chronic depression. As an anonymous post, I feel so comfortable saying this, when in real life I keep this information lock and key.

I love to support others, bc I know what it feels like to be hurt and cry your eyes out in the face of extreme stress. I have stomach problems and acid reflux from my severe social anxiety. I am in a constant state of anxiety and tension that every time I wake up, my muscles hurt like crazy. I can’t even get relaxed when I sleep.

This is my third day of starting my junior year at a university, where I know no one. (A nightmare for someone with severe SEVERE social anxiety.) I literally shake when I eat in public, every time. It takes strength not to run away from my problems.

I wish hope and strength for everyone. But I’m so glad that I get to let out these feelings finally. ❤️❤️❤️

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You’ll find friends here. And we can relate. If you want real connections, you’ll share this more often, because you’ll find you’re not alone, this is part of the beast. It grows in the dark. So fling open the door. As you get older you’ll see that others do not judge you nearly as harshly or as often as you judge yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the most important. When the social anxiety and self consciousness take over, know that they aren’t allowing you to be what you are: safe, free, human, beautiful and imperfect, fun, silly, hilarious, smart, honest, creative, clever, genius in your own way. They take that all away and what’s left is fear. Normal, human irrational fear that holds you back. Think of it as, you’re not sharing your wonderful, lovely, passionate self with the world. This can’t be. We need you. A big part of this is consciously choosing better thoughts and working out in your mind where this stems from. You don’t need synthetic meds. You can heal naturally. Take a magnesium supplement, and a b complex and a high quality multivitamin daily please. Lots of B6 and magnesium will help these symptoms. The lack of them causes these symptoms. Then start reaching out and building a support system. You’ve got one here. Hope you continue to share and step out little by little.

This was wonderfully said. 🙌 Thank you for these kind and strong words. The advice really spoke to me, I honestly felt better when I read this. And I haven’t been taking any vitamins lately, so I’ll keep that in thought, thanks! ❤️

It creeps inside of you. 👺

Am so proud of you Rashell for your boldness here and also how far you have come with your challenge. I commend you for the bold decision you made and sticking to your decision to go to university. It’s such a great strength you have shown. You are on the path to conquering your fear. Keep it up. Am here cheering you on. If you have survived till now, then you’ve got what it takes move through your challenge.

You have a beautiful and caring heart to share with others who are also going through the same challenge. You have been a fighter. keep fighting. This is an interesting resource from another Fighter ( like you. I pray and hope you find loving people in your new university.

Am sorry to hear that your muscles hurt and not able to sleep sometimes. have you tried any therapy that can help you relax?

Yes I have! I’ve actually tried some deep breathing exercises. One of my biggest issues, though, was trying to go to sleep earlier. But yeah, my sleep is getting better!

And thanks for the encouragement! I’ll keep fighting this anxiety.

You are welcome. Great job with the deep breathing exercise. The sleeping early will also come with time. I have also realized that most of the time I find myself not able to shut down my mind and sleep early especially when am not tied and stay longer on screens. Have you tried listening to instrumental music, audio books or bible? Those work for me sometimes.

I really haven’t. Unfortunately I spend too much time on my phone, especially before going to bed. That’s really good advice, I’ll try to cut back on social media, and maybe listen to some calming music when I go to sleep.

If help to talk to someone about these issues. If you think it would be helpful, we would like to invite you to call and speak with one of our counselors on Best wishes and hugs


I think sharing how you feel definitely helps.

Anxiety can effect you physically in many ways.

I’ve ad twitches in my muscles (mainly arms and legs) for the last 2-3 months; do you get those too?

My upper arms and legs sometimes feel weaker and heavy too. I’ve had a stiff neck before from it also.

unbreakablesoul in reply to Hidden

I only get twitches in my muscles whenever I’m extremely tense or nervous. Lately anxiety has had a huge effect on my muscles contraction...

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It’s stressful isn’t it, then you worry about it and it’s a viscous cycle.

unbreakablesoul in reply to Hidden

I know, it really is. I’m trying my hardest to relax more so that this doesn’t affect my health in the long run.

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