In wonderland

In wonderland

I don't know even know what to say. I'm feeling down, not sure how to to pick myself up again. The lonesomeness is kicking in hard. I try and try to keep pushing myself forward, but it feels like its taking forever to get anywhere. I wish life was more like a fairytale ☺ I want to to be swept off my feet and taken to the good life! 😁☺ Hah! If only. I'll keel trying to move forward. Hopefully good things will come. In the meantime, I'll keep trying my best.

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  • I'll sweep you off your feet your lovely xxx let me just get my broom miss Parker .

    Come on life is crap we know that but it's about balance can I hold you ?

  • such a shame life isn't as easy as fairytales make out! good that you are trying and plan to keep going. Things take time to change but they can and will. have you got friends that you just dont see so much anymore or do you feel like you havent got anyone to talk to at all?

  • Everything takes time, thats for sure. I'm trying my best to be patient, it can get overwhelming though. I honestly don't have ant friends. My social anxiety has made it hard to be close to anyone.

  • Social anxiety is tricky. Some people find that if they can join a group where everyone shares a common hobby it makes it easier as you have a focus and dont necessarily need to talk very much until you feel comfortable with the group.

    and you have all of us on here, many find it hard to meet up with people in real life so rely on each other on here for support :)

  • I'm your friend.

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