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I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder but it seems like my body keeps me from taking medication for it. Every time I'm started on a new med I have an attack and can't take it. My symptoms are feeling like I can't swallow, tightness/numbness of the chest, feelings of fear especially around chemicals or medications, seperation anxiety when my spouse leaves for work. Any advice on how to overcome this? Thanks all and remember you're never alone

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  • I also have a fear of taking medicines. I think it stems from when I was younger my mom gave me a pill she thought was something else. Cause me some health issues that day.

    I research about a pill before I take it now. If you would like to ask me about an anxiety medication I have probably taken it. I've been afraid of my prescriptions because there were so many pills I had to take each day. That's something I always have a hard time looking at.

  • I'm the same way when it comes to taking medication because I fear the worst case scenario when it comes to side effects. I've been told countless timez that its my anxiety giving me the problems and not the medication itself but its still really hard to stay calm when I take medication. Most people dont have serious problems with medication so there's no for reason anything bad to happen. Is it antidepressants that you're talking about? I've tried a few different ones but I also have ativan to calm me down during an attack. Yogi stresd relief tea works really well for me or their bedtime tea. The combination of herbs helps calm you and plus hot tea is very soothing and comforting. I'll be starting lexapro later this week so hopefully I can keep the anxiety at bay and get closer to recovery and i hope the same for you too!

  • Thanks for your reply, my biggest fear is not being able to breathe and my mind tells me constantly that I might be allergic to things I haven't had before. I am prescribed Ativan but never know when to take it till it's too late.

  • I have been suffering with anxiety for over 15 years. I can not bring myself to take the medicine. I want to, as Im sure I will feel better, but I just cant take it. Im so fearful that it will do something to me. So you are def not alone in that aspect at all.

  • I seem to be posting a lot here. Over the years on and off I have experienced many symptoms of this nightmare anxiety. was diagnosed with PTSD 20 or more so years ago. I take meds for anxiety and panic. I panic when my husband goes into work too. It's so horrible, and so common with anxiety.

  • Out of curiosity, how many different types of medications have you tried that have given you these issues?? And how long were you taking drugs before you decided to switch? No matter what type of antidepressant you take, or any psychotropic drug for that matter, "they" say there is always a chance of having side effects when starting, which my mental health care specialist lovingly calls "activation" effects. Most of these effects will go away on their own after a few weeks, but they can be horrible to deal with if unprepared, or even if you were prepared like I was!!

    I had a similar experience when I attempted to go back on the same SSRI (Celexa) that I had taken for 10 years prior and being off of it for just 4 months... which was an incredible blow to my confidence that ANY medication would be able to help again! However, once I switched to another SSRI, I didn't have the same massive anxiety/loss of appetite/etc. as on the first one. I'm sure it can be uber frustrating and scary if you encounter back-to-back-to-back negative side effects, but you just have to believe that one of the many options that are available (and there really are many options available!!) will be better tolerated by your system. As Loki mentioned, it might be possible that your Dr. could give you a "benzo" to help deal with the anxiety/panic that could encounter as a result of the activation... I know it seems strange to take another medication to help you get over your fear of taking medication, but they are very fast-acting and can be a great help for the short-term. Herbal teas (I like chamomile), certain vitamins/supplements, exercise, and changes in diet can all be effective solutions, but it really comes down to you believing that everything will eventually be OK!! I know it's a hard pill to swallow, slight pun intended :-), but there are literally millions and millions of people just like you and I in the same boat with struggling with anxiety and depression.

    Talk to your Dr. about your concerns/issues, see if he or she thinks it would be wise to prescribe an additional medication to help with acute attacks of anxiety, and do lots of research to see if there are life style changes you can make (even small ones) to help with your overall anxiety and well being. Best of luck and hope things make a turn for the better soon!!

    LowkeyLoki --- I just finished my first week of Lexapro myself, and although there were a few bumps in the road, so far so good!! BTW, I had a horrible reaction to Celexa as well.

  • Your reply was so helpful for me to read. I am struggling once again with severe anxiety after having had it managed for close to 10 years... with no medication. About a month ago it came back and has been extremely debilitating. I started taking Lexapro last week and also received a prescription of Ativan. However, of course I am terrified to take the Ativan... even though they gave it to me in the hospital the last 2 times I was there in the last month. Its definitely a crazy time. Your post gave me some relief because at least I know I am not alone. Thank you!

  • Thanks for your reply, I actually took Pacil about 5 years ago and was able to stop taking meds all together but I quit smoking 3months ago and the anxiety and panic set in very quickly and with a vengeance, so my doc prescribed Paxil again but this time it was very different, made me shaky,terrible thoughts, and made my feelings of anxiety unbearable through the day so I stopped taking it, since I've started having attacks again I've went from 255lbs to 219lbs because I'm afraid to eat, even food I've had before. I tell myself that it's dumb to think things like that but it seems the little demon known as Anxiety wins those battles. But I'm still fighting because I know with time I'll be able to get back to living life again!

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