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Anxiety, Anxiety, ANXIETY! :(

Positive thing is that i might be moving out at the end of the month to my own apartment with my partner. BUT... Anxiety is putting pressure on me, it always does when it comes to major things.

The apartment is great, loads of room, cheap and everything a young couple could ask for. I've spoken previously about how we both live with his alcoholic dad and that i cant go back to my parents house because the area gives me serious anxiety due to my past there.

I've finely opened up to my mom about my anxiety being at her home and my boyfriends dads and both of my parents where extremely supportive and said i'm making good decisions and standing on my own two feet.

The real problem is that the drastic changes that will happen, this is a major step and it could work or fail. We have enough money between us to live comfortably. I'm terrible at change and pretty much still in shock about it all. It will probably take us 2-3 weeks to move fully. We've yet got to do the paper work which we will go and hand our personal information to them next week, so there could be a chance we might not get this place. Which worries me.

Is there is any tips anybody has with moving anxiety and tips to make it a less stress process, please reply or contact me :)

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Hi that's great new that you are getting your own place with your bf. Moving home is very stressful so accept that's how it will be and try not keep calm. Can your bf deal with most of it to help minimise your anxiety?

I hope you get the apartment you want but at the end of the day if it does fall through then others will become available. If there is one out there for you then there will be others ones too.

I have been through this with buying and selling and have found when one falls falls through a better one comes along.

Just think ahead to the future and how wonderful it will be to be independant and to share your first home with the man you love. The end result will be worth all the stress you are going through now.

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I am excited and anxious at the same time but i think deep down my boyfriend is probably just a stressed as i am because he keeps going on and on about like me.

I was thinking to not plan to far ahead until we've defiantly have all the paperwork and credit checks done to prove we're capable of living there. The women did say the recommended income was 12000 grand a year which my boyfriends wage alone covers.

We've been together nearly 3 years so its about time we have our own space.

Plus we have to wait to hear back from the agents as the apartment needs cleaning up and the kitchen cupboard doors fixing because the couple previous had a fight, broke up and left the apartment in a bit of a state.

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Well as an old hand at moving my advice is not to think too far ahead to problems and just deal with the here and now. Concentrate on getting the important things done such as your credit check.

It might help to make a list of what needs doing with the major things at the top, then you can just tick off these as they are done.

The cleaning of the apparent and the fixing of the kitchen doors is a minor thing so just let it take it's course.

On moving day I just get the kettle, bed, and telly out then go down the pub and celebrate. Then just fall into bed when you return and start again the next day when you are fresh :)

Good luck.

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I've heard back from the agents and I'm going for the credit check and admin paper work tomorrow so hopefully when that's all done the stress will be out the way :)

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Great stuff. Well done. :) x

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