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destroy anxiety and panic

I despise anxiety and panic-I haven't had a good sleep in over a year. I am going to a new therapist tonight after work and I pray she can help me. I only have the attacks at night-does anyone else, It's hard for me to go to work-I can retire in 7 months but I'll still have to get a part time job. It interferes with my whole life-my children and grandchildren. I don't know what to do,

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I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time! Therapy definitely helps. There are many things that can help the nightly panic attacks. I started out getting them in my sleep, sort of like night terrors, and slowly it progressed. What seems to be most useful for me at night is taking a hot bath, staying away from caffeine, and drinking chamomile tea. I would also ask your doctor or therapist about taking melatonin to help with sleep. Something I've recently found to be helpful for me is L-theanine, a supplement derived from green tea. I wouldn't take anything without first consulting a doctor, but I can say it has some definite benefits for mild to moderate anxiety for me. There is relief! Best wishes for a good night's rest!


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