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Anxiety at its worst

Hi I am 37 years old and in the last month I have had a spike in my anxiety and several panic attacks. I lost my grandfather at the beginning of may a week late I lost my mom and then 2 weeks after that I lost my mother in law. I dont do well with death and I have so many emotions. Mainly with losing my mom I have anger, guilt, great sadness, fear of dying myself. I have started seeing a therapist, My dr has put me back on zoloft which i would love for it to kick in anytime soon. He also upped my ativan to 1 mg which I am so afraid of getting addicted too. But I only try and do 1 a day and I am hoping I have been on my zoloft this is going on week 3 so I am hoping I can start cutting down my ativan to .5 and the to .25 this week and next week. But one of my friends suggested I join a chat site and see if that would help.

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Hi christinaptrsn,

Welcome. Yes, these chat sites can be incredibly helpful, as long as you don't use them to replace real life interactions and friendships. The people on here are incredibly kind and friendships can develop, but it's also important to engage with people in your area that you can see on a regular basis.

I'm very sorry for your losses, especially that you have to mourn them all at once. It must have been terrible to lose such close loved ones within weeks of each other. I myself experienced a similar situation last year. Just know that you have a sympathetic ear with me, should you ever need it.

You say you lost your mother-in-law. Am I correct in assuming you are married? Do you have children? Close friends?


First of all, so sorry for the losses you've had lately. You have had quite a storm to get through. You're deeply concerned about your med dosages, which is fine. You have to be totally honest with your doctor. If it's not working, it may need to be upped. Tell your doctor you're worried about addiction. Good luck!


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