I am a mother of 3 and out of nowhere started havin panic attacks for 2 weeks, then intrusive harmful thoughts, and depression. I started zoloft a little over 2 weeks did help my anxiety some but not my I went back to my pcp and she did NOTHING...not try a new medicine or simply look into bipolar (runs in my family bad)...just sent me on my way pretty much...anyone else deal with this and if so what helped

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  • When you went to your PCP did you tell her about your thoughts? Harmful to yourself or others? Just asking so I can give you more info. Because if this is the case there is something you can do.💕

  • Are you located in the US?

  • Yea I am in the US and I did tell her about the thoughts but she did nothing but tell me to continue taking the zoloft

  • Ok she is legally obligated to take your words seriously and get you help. What she did is not only unethical but illegal. I'm at a loss for words because I am so sorry for what she did or (did not do!) On the back of your insurance card there is a number to call for behavioral health it's 24/7 call them now and tell them what occurred and how you are feeling and that you need an appointment with someone asap. Any other info please message or write back

  • Well I don't have insurance...I have to do sliding scale fee or something of that nature...she did offer to make me an appointment with a lcsw that comes in on Tuesdays and although I told her I am struggling, I can't be seen for 2 weeks and I am a mom of 3 and it's hard when I have to have a babysitter for myself cause when my thoughts happen I don't want to be near my kids.

  • Hello love, I would go to the ER, they can help you, it may be postpartum depression...zoloft can sometimes make those thoughts happen all the time! Be careful with taking medicines, some times natural supplements can help as well...there are many out there for anxiety/depression...if you are already on a antidepressant the natural supplements may not respond well with your medication!! Ask your doc if it would be a good idea to switch from medication to natural supplements such as Gaba! If all else fails, please visit the ER....take care love!

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    I have messaged you.

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