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I'm new to group with anxiety and depression

Hi, I struggle with depression and anxiety since my sinus surgery in February of this year. I have no energy or interest in doing anything. I feel that dealing with the anxiety episodes day and night is what my life is all about. I had many trips to urgent care, ER, many blood tests, xray, CT and all came back great. However I still have the urge to go to the ER when anxiety hits and blocks my airways, pokes me all over in my body or creates me to hear drums in my ears. At times I don't even realize what's going on and work myself into another anxiety episode. I try to control it by breathing slowly or refocusing but not successfully. I'm taking antidepressant since mid April and my dose was just changed this week to 150 mg. How long before anxiety will be under control? Thank you for your response and advice.

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Meds work for some but not others. This disease is a moving target There are things you can do to give u the best chance for recovery.

These are some of the tools I try to use. These are suggestions that work for me at times. Your results may vary

- excercise releases your brains natural anti anxiety/ depessant chemicals. Rigorous enough to get to heavy breathing and blood flow. It can be as simple as jogging in place or climbing stairs

- diet changes. Caffeine and sugar work against you

- meditation , I use podcasts and YouTube videos to find guided meditations, self hypnosis and inspirational self affirmation. Use the search bar. Get a podcast app

- stay connected, don't isolate. Find Meetup groups, forums, recovery , church, etc to express your feeling and get feedback

-Volunteer or support or encourage others is a good practice. doing things for others gets you out of ruminating about yourself.

- attitude of gratitude. As hard as it is, it could always be worse. I make gratitude list to remind myself of my blessings.

- write it down. Keep a journal, dig deep. Write letters to yourself, to god, your resentments, your fears, your inner child etc. be your own therapist. It's cheap

Avoid news, politics, and advertisements They all use fear to control your emotions

Avoid social media. Don't fall into the trap of comparing your insides with other people's outsides

Try Q96 brain supplements. Google it. I have not gotten dramatic results but I know people who have

With or without medication these tips have no negative side effects Good luck ✌️🙏




Thank you for the tips, really appreciate it.


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