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HI Iam called Stafford

iam new to this site i have anxiety and Depression.

I need someone to talk to that understands me

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HI Stafford, how are you doing? I know quite a bit about depression. Some days I am crippled with shame and no motivation , which I immediately feel guilt and shame for. Why can't I just get up and do something? What is wrong with me? I have so much to be grateful for and happy about. It truly feels crazy that I get so sucked down by depression. Then I have some days where I am upbeat and more productive with energy. It helps me get through the bad days, knowing that it won't always be this way. 'This too shall pass'. Is this how you feel?

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Hi Yes but unfortunately i have more downs than ups i feel i want to cry but i can't my family don't understand me and and i am afraid i would get told off if i do start crying iam tired all the time i have been to my doctor and he referred me to the Mental Health Team but they said they can't do anything in other words they have given up on me and so have i. i have come to a stage in my life that i have had depression so many years that i have learnt to accept that they can't do anything so all i do is find someone that understands me and accepts me for what i am that the doctor says that i won't get better because i have had this for so long.

I Don't feel well today i feel like crying it is horrible i don't seem to be able to shake it off.

Talk to you again


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I obviously don't have all the answers or magic remedy but I do believe in never giving up. There is hope . I've seen too many miracles. You are a miracle too Staff for keeping on and writing back. Check in later!

Hi Stafford, I also have depression and anxiety. My biggest problem is having social anxiety I don't get to go out I don't have human contact. So feelings of being worthless and helpless are very common to me. I applaud your efforts in joining this support site. After reading so many comments, its comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey. I hope to text with you soon, perhaps we can help each other. If enough of us lean on each other...who knows we may be able to grow.

Take care

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Thank you for you understand I will be there for sorry that my reply has been late my computer went down and I had to take it into the shop for repairs and I couldn't remember my password.

anyway I have been feeling really tearful today I have felt like crying and it is so horrible I Need a friend will you be my friend? I will be yours if you want me too.

you can talk to me anytime you feel you want to.




Hi Stanford... How are you today? I hope you are smiling. I know how hard it is to smile when you feel alone, even if there are people around. I am trying today. Know that I am thinking and praying for you.

Let me know how you are.


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Thank you for you message.

My name is Stafford not Stanford don't worry it was a mistake.

I am not too good I have IBS annoying me it started last weekend haven't been out since last Friday. it is making feel sick at times.

I have been crying on and off especially in the night I wake up crying. I have been like that since my brother went missing last year and unfortunately he died.

I have had bereavement sessions i have just finished them last week.

Hope you are OK




Hi Stafford,

I'm glad you found this site and find just a little comfort in knowing there are so many of us that have pain in our lives caused by anxiety and depression. Both run in my family and I have dealt with the depression all my life, the anxiety has come on strong in the last few years. I am 54 years old. May I ask how old you are? Your age is important because if you are dependent on your parents (minor) or an adult, you have more or less different resources. First off, I am saddened the Dr.s said they can not do anything for you. That is just wrong. You can be helped. I know the pain you are in. Depression and anxiety are wounds just like any other, but unfortunately others cannot see or understand these wounds. That's one reason we have to try our best to understand ourselves. My sister, who suffers from the same always says "I wonder what it would be like to be normal." She's 56. Even though what we have sucks, we have to embrace who we are and seek help and understanding. Seek another Doctor. Even if it's not necessarily a mental health Doctor. Find someone with compassion. They may be able to help you in other ways, and other suggestions. Counseling which takes time and effort (unfortunately) on your part, and possibly some meds to lift you out of the fog.

To you and the other readers there is a site/app online called Type in your zip code or town. It is not a site to meet men/women although you can, but it is to join like-minded people with help and activities both for support and fun. Most of it is Free! Join a group. Start a hobby. There are groups for hiking, biking, dog walking, yoga, meditation, mental health support, food lovers groups, music lovers, concert goers, photography and more. It all depends on your area though, as to what groups there are. You can even start a group of your own : )

So to you and the other's that answered, we all need human contact and this could be a way to start. Start small, but try to get out and be with others. You will find a friend or two and any of the exercise groups are good for our mental state!!

Continue to learn who you are, accept it, and move forward. Go to the library or read on-line about your symptoms/condition.

You have things about you that are wonderful, you just have to unlock them. You seem very sweet Stafford (did I spell that right, lol)

I thank God first thing every morning that I am still here on this earth. Our time is limited, and everything we are going through is temporary, in the big picture of life. I live alone, my anxiety keeps me awake at night, my mind races about all the things I feel bad about, regrets and shame. It makes my chest so tight I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack. I hate it, and the lack of sleep is awful.

Sorry this is so lengthy. I hope you know that other compassionate people do care about you. And one last thing. Try volunteering somewhere. Often helping others does wonders for your spirit. Hayley.

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HI Thank you for you message I am 46 years old I am 47 at the end of this month I have no parents. so I am dependent on them. I do voluntary work in the Mind drop in for Mental health. I do one day. a week.

Hope you are OK

Stafford (Staff)

Hello Stafford. I have read some of you post and have really been wanting to reach out to you. I hate to hear all you have been through and still going through. Life can feel so unbelievably unfair and painful. Gladly though you are not alone. I may not have been through all that you have but I care and can listen. Everyday you wake up and just breath... is a win. If you get dressed it is an even bigger win. It is ok to take very small steps. This disease is a process and is going to take some time. Also there is no time limit to grief. You have lost loved ones. And those relationships. It can take years to grieve such loses so please give yourself the grace to do so. Scriptures say God himself understands grief and pain more than we all do if you believe such things.

You are not alone. I care about you. Please keep posting. I am here for you.

Thank you for your kind message I Have been feeling like crying today my best friends dogs is very ill we don't know what's wrong with him but has been sick and coughing up phlegm and had the runs she been to the vets with him and they are running test on him they are testing for Cancer I am very close to my friend's dog so I am upset that he is so ill he is only young.

My friend has been with me all day and she has been crying I have been giving her as much supports as she needs she did the same for me when my brother died last year. Ann my friend gave my a lot of support when I was crying last year. So I am feeling her pain and also feel for the dog.

Thank you again


Stafford (Staff)


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