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Ugh i can feel my depression slowly creeping up 🥺all because of my ears 💔 and i start a new job Monday i was so excited but now im just so sad I don’t even wanna go anymore i ruined everything 😣

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Understand how you feel as iam too depressed for my anxiety and from my negative thoughts and always thinking of wtf I have this or wtf I have that it’s a constant fear of everything hope you feel better just know you not slone

nicky602279 in reply to Xoxo33

Its the worst feeling i hate it its so hard to do everything even the smallest things like taking a shower or brushing your hair 😭 i hope you feel better as well thank you for taking your time to write that 💖

I understand this very much. I haven’t showered in several days. Today, I had a sobbing meltdown in my laundry room on a huge pile of dirty laundry (wow, that’s humbling). Let’s both hang on and encourage ourselves for the smallest of tasks, okay?

I have to force myself to shower i feel like a zombie 😣all the time !!! Or just like if im not in my body . Its a weird feeling i just wanna be my normal self 😕 but yes i will definitely hang on and try to be strong it’s a battle but ill try 💕

I get a tremendous amount of work anxiety on Sunday nights. Just try not to think about it, focus on what you are doing right now, and enjoy your weekend. I try to rest my nerves as much as I can to prepare for the onslaught of Sunday night anxiety.

nicky602279 in reply to LadyZen

I try so hard i watch my favorite shows or cuddle with my dogs and take them out for a walk 😭🤍 ill try my best 😣 thank you for the advice 💕

Hey you're not alone, I'm not doing that well either. Your new job will be fine I'm sure. In the meantime, try to distract yourself with something. What do you enjoy?

Im sorry i hope you feel well ! And i try to distract myself but i always find myself thinking about my anxiety and depression and i just get so sad it’s draining 😭 but i just enjoy being with my family and my pets also love to read 🤍

Don't worry about me. Do the things you enjoy. How are you doing today?

Maybe tonight you can spend a little time laying out your clothes for tomorrow, have your keys and purse ready to go, mobile phone charged ... and then do something else! Something fun and relaxing, since you already took care of business.

nicky602279 in reply to c-mac

I think i need some wine lol

What's wrong with your ears?

They get full of wax 😭

And it gets hard to hear sometimes like muffled

Hi nicky you've just had a setback and you can beat this again you've been here before and just tell your self you will get better again! Take care david

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