Advice on Therapy?

So a lot of people on here told me that perhaps therapy is a good option for me to try since medication isn't helping a whole lot. What exactly should I look for in a good therapist? I've had one in the past and I didn't like the fact that she didn't really give me anything to work on or to focus on for helping cope. She also would cut me off a lot saying uh huh and okay which made me kind of annoyed. Any advice? Also my medication lately is not helping at all and I've been on it for 6 months and I feel more down then ever. It's escetlroprom. Cant spell it right I'm sorry

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  • If medication isn't working, then let the doctor know so he/she can do something to "fix" it so it works again(assuming it worked for you at some point).

    As for finding a good therapist, I keep looking until I find the one that not only listens to me but respects my input in the decision-making process. I can't stand Psychiatrists, in my case who pretend all mental illness patients are retards.

  • Hello ☺ Sometimes it takes going through a lot of therapists to find one that you like. I'm not sure how to find a good one, maybe you could talk to the therapist on the phone to get a feel for the person, before starting up therapy sessions. If your medication isn't working, it might be time to up the dose or get on a completely new medication, talk to your doctor or psychiatrist about what the best option would be 👍 I wish you luck ☺

  • Check that any therapist is qualified and see if they have recommendations on their website. There are professional organisations which they have to be registered with if they are registered. The trouble is that many people call themselves counsellors without having had full training.then it's about whether you get on with them. Most of the process is about the relationship between the two of you so it needs to work.

  • Why don't you look into a anxiety/depression support. I found one that deals just with anxiety. I didn't start yet but I'll keep you posted. The gym is also a good way to get out of your head. Play music you like and dance around the house (when no ones home lol). That helps me too!

  • A question for you. When you experience depression, does it come and go in a 24/hr period? Or is it there all day, and all the time?

  • For me I'm depressed almost all day at least lately

  • For me it's there all the time on and on and on. Even when I'm with people sitting there trying to look normal I feel really sad inside. Does your mood change rapidly throughout the day? Do you get periods of high mood as well as low? If so it might be something other than just depression.

  • I am trying to understand how anyone who experiences depression, which for me is a 24/7 thing, can suggest that Gym, listening to music, and dancing would help relieve the symptoms.

    In my experience, even while dancing and singing, depression is right there. At the gym, it is there. It is always there. Even when I am in a room filled with loved ones. So I just have a hard time understanding how anyone suffering from depression can suggest there are ways to manage something that almost feels ever present.

    I don't like my childhood because the perspective I got of it was created by a depressed mind.

  • I am speaking about my experience with anxiety and depression. The right medication is most important but is not the only solution. I'm sorry you find it hard to believe but it helps me.

  • For me right now it comes and goes. I'm either anxious or depressed. I'm taking 100 mg of zoloft and .5 klonopin 3 times a day. If I'm busy doing something it seems to diminish a bit. If I'm idle and lying around it gets worse. At night I'm taking trazadone for sleep which works for me. I've only been on these men's for a few weeks and I'm told by my pharmacist daughter that these Meds take time to work.

  • Whatever board they are licensed through you can go to that board online to see if they are in good standing. Reviews are reviews some people mesh w different people. Ultimately it takes much time and effort to find the right one but ask questions specifically about what you want to work on or what you are struggling with and what types of therapies or treatment they primarily utilize. But the rapport building and relationship is what will (after the above) be the determining factor. So ask around if you can. Insurance companies also will not allow therapists to practice unless they are qualified.

  • Example if you are seeing an LPC You can go to the board of professional counselors, LCSW would be the board of social work, and etc these all are under the health professions website and you simply search on their perspective page with their name to find out if they are licensed with the board, have any malpractice claims, or any misconduct on their license.

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