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Are you taking Anti Depressants?

I am diagnosed with GAD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder with panic attacks. I have also struggled with major depression on and off since 12 yrs old. These are the pharmaceutical drugs that I have taken since the tender age of 13 off and on through out the years. ALL have eventually failed me: Pamelor, Zoloft, Buspar, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Topamax, Paxil, Lexapro, and Cymbalta. I have not taken anything for the past 4 years and I will NOT, SO help me GOD! PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES are a multi billion dollar business. It is more profitable to keep a person sick and just "manage" their symptoms than to actually cure them. I struggle every day. Some days are worse than other days, but I carry on. Please people, Dont ever Give up!! You and I ARE NOT ALONE. Peace and Love be with you always.

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I understand completely, but a good doctor will only keep you on meds for as short-term as possible, some people do benefit greatly from a little help from meds and I'd always suggest that people try any medication prescribed for them, I took medication as part of my recovery, I couldn't of done it without it, it's not always a bad thing, as for profits, yes of course your right, theres a huge profit made from prescription drugs, but most things are profit based these days, it's the way of the world, that doesn't mean we shouldn't use them to help us though, wish we could all live without any meds, but sadly that isn't possible, some people NEED medication :-) xxx


Hello. I hear what you're saying. I agree with you to a certain extent. I'm from the UK and we don't prescribe routinely antidepressant/antipsychotics to our young children. I'm glad. I am sure they have a place in child psychiatry but personally I think the meds are over used. I once saw a Louis Theroux documentary about medicating kids in the US and it shocked me! How parents seemed to be manipulated into thinking their child needs 3 types of psychiatric medication at age 10.

So I do agree with you to a certain degree. But I also think antidepressant and antipsychotic medication saves people's lives and enables them to live a fulfilling life.

Maybe we are too quick to medicate. We adopt first line treatments as talking therapy and antidepressant medication in the UK. You can have both or one or the other, you can choose with the discussion with your GP. The only prob is our mental health budget from central government is being cut all the time and we have to wait ridiculous times like 4-6 months to see a talking therapist - it's not good enough, especially for those that would rather not take medication.

Best wishes 💗


I'm from the Uk too, yes I agree that there's certainly room for improvement in obtaining help with mental health issues, but we can access other helpful resources, the internet and youtube are a fantastic source of knowledge for those people struggling with recovery, again I used these during my own recovery along with meds and counselling, I also searched for free courses on anxiety/depression etc, knowledge is an amazing tool to assist with overcoming anxiety, so I'm not saying thing's couldn't be better, but I do believe that there's many other resources to explore, it's never easy, but it's not impossible :-) xxx



I am sorry to read you have lost faith in meds.

I am with Suzie and Clazzy about the use of meds to help you recover. I believe it is worth trying again as there are newer drugs with different actions available now. If medication prescribed by your GP did not or is not working for you, a referral to a mental health specialist e.g. psychiatrist may be best for you.

My experience is that my psych was not at all like the scary unreasonable person portrayed in movies. He was prepared to mix a couple of meds for the best result and change the time of day I took them. He talked to me about what I thought I wanted and we decided together.

You don't mention if you have been involved in any talk therapy. I find talking to anybody on a regular basis good for mental health - you can just check in to let the person know how things have been for you or do some work on a particular problem you have.

A recent intervention in the field of e-mental health are mobile phone apps to help you monitor your mood and sleep etc.

The ADDA has few to check out at

Remember Therapy+Treatment = Road to Recovery 8-)


Hi, hope you are doing well today. I used to take meds for a while, from the time is 18 till sometime in my mid 20s. I was diagnosed with BiPolar disorder, and prescribed mood stabilizers, anti depressants and anti psychotics throughout that time. I never liked how they made me feel and i havent been in any since. Without a doubt dealing with any mental illness is difficult if youre trying to go the natural, alternative route,but i think its worth giving it a go without the drugs first, and if all else fails considering meds as a last resort rather than a first course of action. Of course some meds do help some people, but so often we suppress info about other options and silence anyone who even proposes the idea of dealing with mental illness without meds. Ok, im ranting! 😌 Just wanted to say its nice to know there are other like minded folks who dont see anything wrong with asking valid questions and considering other means for help.

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