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What do you do when you are feeling "off"?


Hi--I'm new here. I've been a longtime survivor of depression and anxiety and have been traveling the last few days to my hometown...and it has made me feel "off". mildly depressed...anxious...nothing crazy but just not ME. I can't quite put my finger on it. But anyways---has anyone every felt this way? and if so...do you have a protocol for how you deal with situations like this? I just realized today that even after all these years of anxiety and depression...I don't have a protocol to how to deal with "flare ups" lol. Thank you everyone.

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Well, I have had anxiety and depression, - sometimes I just let it pass. I am no expert- but I find that sometimes it's trying to tell us something. Are you in touch with family, friends or do you have a routine?

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Thank you for your response. I'm currently traveling and have been off of my routine. I think that was a main trigger. It is weird because I am home with my mom but I have yet to have an extended visit like I am this time. It is really disconcerting and I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. I thought it would be a nice vacation...but now I just want to go home. It's so weird.

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It's nice that you appreciate your routine, and I sure do know what it is like to be off!

I definitely get this feeling quite often (especially going to my hometown or seeing certain family or people). It's hard because I have protocol for anxiety attacks, but not a great one for the "off" feeling you're describing. One thing that usually helps me without fail is reading the Bible- even if you aren't Christian/religious, if there is something that can ground you in the fact that you are part of a story bigger than yourself and you aren't in control but it's okay, I would try to meditate on that if you can. Sorry you're feeling this way but know you're not alone!

I think by the fact that your recognizing that you feel a bit off is a good point to start with. When you don't feel quite right...remind yourself that it's just your disease and it will pass as it always has, don't look for any particular reason....unless there actually is one. Maybe your feeling a bit anxious about re-visiting your home town...I don't have a home town and no fond memories of anywhere but a few places I liked for the time I lived there. And some places I would rather just forget about all together because of bad memories. So you just have to ask yourself those questions of 'why'...if nothing comes to mind...then just try to keep it in check....

Hello thanks for sharing your experience...

For me when I’m having a low time... I honestly give myself some ‘time off’ from others no opinions, nobody telling me their problems to pile on my mind , just nothing. I wear comfy clothes and honestly just give my brain a rest ... eat whatever brings me joy, watch tv, Netflix... I tell everyone I’m not feeling too well so I don’t have to deal with them

I pray a lot more or you could meditate... I keep the atmosphere very relaxed and if anything ruins that I will brush it off and continue

If i need to cry i will but then I will work on being okay again

I just spend the time alone doing whatever i love x basically working on the core and being grounded again remembering what’s important x

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Hope4321 Nice, that's what I miss most. Spending time with me, myself and I☹️ The anxiety kicks in when I am alone.

kismet42 When I feel 'off' I drink

chamomile tea and play a game on my kindle.

Deep breaths; 🦋

I found that when I'm in a safe place it allowed me to feel those feelings more and get to the root of them. Also, you might want to make a journal of what things start to make you feel this way. It can be a process so be patient with yourself.

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