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Opposite of what you fear!!!

When dealing with depression and anxiety you have to do what you don't want to do. When I started I would do things that I didn't want to do so maybe I would go to the mall and sit inside for 10 minutes then leave or I would go to church sit in the back for 15 minutes then I would get up and leave. I thought I couldn't do either of those things but with little steps I overcame all of my fears. If your afraid of leaving the house you are a slave to your fear's. You have to overcome your fears!!!!

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Lol... I think that only works if one is trying to overcome depression that resulted from some sad event or situation.

My experience practicing that turned out to be nothing but a huge waste of my time.


Hi and thank you for posting.

I agree with you. Fear is what actually feeds anxiety. People must let go and not give in to fear. The only real way to overcome anxiety is to work through the fear.

Depression sucks the life out of a person. The best way to overcome it is to make a plan of activities to keep the mind busy. NO lying in bed allowed.

Having said that, the root cause of these two conditions needs to be investigated. Meds may obviously assist but I'd suggest an holistic approach including CBT, diet, sleep, exercise, etc.


I kind of don't agree there. Do you know that one of the symptoms of depression happens to be fatigue/ extreme tiredness? The problem is not laying in bed.

And with depression, no matter how busy one tries to make oneself, the depressed mind remains in a depressed state. Depression does not take a break or holiday when one is working, interacting or hanging out with friends and family.When the mind is in a state or depression, keeping it busy with activities does not help it "overcome" depression. The mind remains in a depressed state even with all the activities and business you throw at it.

Depression is not a switch that can be turned on and off using such things as activities or busyness. Right in the middle of all that busyness, all those activities, the mind remains in a depressed state.


I really don't know what my problem is. Or maybe I do. I have noticed that when I have some kind of relationship going on , I don't even need my meds. Maybe I'm just scared of being alone. But no, I enjoy being alone. As long as I know there is someone out there for me. Maybe I am just crazy.

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No you are not crazy. Are you insecure? Do you need reassurance? I think I do. Too much.


Are you afraid of dying? The alone could be connected to that end


Very interesting and thought provoking ty.


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