What is your experience with Anxiety?

My experience recently surprised me. My trigger was cc fraud and talking about that took me to past abuse and boom 💥 anxiety hit me. I felt like I was going to die. Xanax was my relief. Went to bed but awoke because of panic attack and took another Xanax. I read about more than one anxiety attack in a day.

I went to talk therapy and that helped.

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  • Beanerkins, sorry to hear you had such a hard time. We all have triggers . It's good you have a therapist. Panic is treatable. Are you on other meds for anxiety? God bless


  • Ddorne thank you

    Yes panic is treatable thank God!

    No other meds but thankful to know if any other panic ever comes I don't have to suffer alone.

  • your trigger is cc fraud? What is that?

  • Credit card fraud. I was in a store and the checkout girl said do you have another card ? Your first card didn't work. I gave a second credit card to her. She said that worked. I did not trust her so I went to my car and called my Visa card company and they said she charged me 3 times! I called my other 💳 credit card company and they said she charged that one too! A total of 4 credit card charges for one transaction is fraud!

  • i am not sure credit card 💳 fraud is a real trigger. You probably want to dig deeper to figure out why it scares you to the point that you require a xanax to calm you down?.

    From your post, it seems the real trigger could be something more like fear of loosing your money or fear of coming up a loser in a situation. I hope you get what I am trying to get at here. The trigger is not really the external condition but what the emotions/ fears/ thoughts that situation whether real or not awakens within you.

  • My therapist said it was a trigger that opened up childhood wounds of being taken advantage of in so many ways I could not process it . I did go deeper in the safety of therapy and good news is there has been healing and now no more attacks. 😊

  • I'm sorry for how you feel, our triggers can be so obscure at times but they trigger us. Knowing what they are can help, no matter what they are, imo we are all individual in what can trigger us,

    I'm so pleased to hear you are making progress.

    Long may it continue

    Best wishes x

  • I grew up in poverty no father and my mother's was an unmedicated schizophrenic I did not feel safe in my home and did not feel safe as I walked out my door into the ghetto. So a lot of pain from the years I endured the abuse as an emotional orphan. No one to protect me as a vulnerable child.

    But I am a survivor! I support everyone who suffers from PTSD and Anxiety!

    Don't suffer alone! I'm here to listen !

    Bless everyone 😇

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