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Zoloft, Anxiety, HR and muscle twitches


Anyone here have their HR go up due to anxiety? It’s been happening for 3 days now. And I originally thought it was the meds but today before I even took the meds my mouth got dry and my HR went up. I took 0.5mg Xanax and my HR is getter. Also I’ve been getting radon twitches in my leg muscles and they tend to worsen when I’m trying to sleep. Anyone else have this with Zoloft?

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Your condition sounds like Anxiety and you are following a well worn footpath.


Thank you :)

You have to call your doctor! I was on Zoloft and didn’t have muscle spasms but when I went on this other medication in June, my doctor expressed that if I get any spasms to call him immediately! If you can’t get in touch with him, stop the medication until he calls back. Hope this helps!

It’s not really spasms, more like I can feel the muscles moving inside. And sometimes my fingers twitch. I know that when I get to a higher dose my eye twitches closed when I yawn. Also I asked about serotonin syndrome and they said that rapid HR can happen on these meds and it’s normal, also that I don’t have a fever or any other symptoms other than the twitches here and there. When I first started this med When I was 20 it made my leg twitch for quite a while lol so far no one is worried about it but they’re putting me on a holter monitor for a few days to be sure it’s not my heart acting wonky. I’m almost certain it’s my anxiety as I hadn’t been sleeping well due to having the anxiety so bad my brain wouldn’t shut down and go to sleep, so I barely slept for a few days until I got an RX for Xanax. I’ve slept two nights in a row and I’m sure it will get better. Thank you for the concern though! ❤️🙏🏻

If the fit a halter they will get results of heart rate over an extended period. In the past I went through the same problems with my Heart Beat and it was basically put down to my Anxiety. I also have a small hole in my heart from childhood and in the past my heart would sort of miss a beat, they said this was normal and explained their decision as a child was a right on, I did not find out about this birth defect until I was twenty six and I was told by accident after a severe car accident.

Now at sixty eight I am still around and I am still around with my Anxiety and depression. What I am trying to explain is these heart results are inclusive and generally you will find you are ok. Enjoy your life, you have a great deal to live for. At thirty seven ? you have a long life to live, stop worrying


Thanks again, Bob. I appreciate the kind words.

I take as small of a dose of my alprazolam, (Xanax), as possible. If you take the same dose every day, you will build up a tolerance to Xanax and your doctor will have to keep increasing your dosage to make it effective. Use Xanax only when your panic attacks are out of control. Try Cognitive Behavioral techniques, before taking Xanax.

I tried believe me. I think the issue was I wasn’t sleeping and so it made my heart go wonky for 2hours at a time, and my BP Go up. I’ve only had .5 mg since noonish today when my heart started acting up. Around 7am I took a half of a .5mg so I think I’m doing pretty good. Once these meds kick in and I’m able to sleep again I will definitely be weening off the Xanax. I don’t like it at all. And the only reason I took it was because I was having bad insomnia ❤️

Look in the box your medication came in, there will be a sheet of paper with an explanation in it read the sheet that will explain the medication to you. It will also tell about side effects you may have


My insomnia has worsened to me getting 3-4 hours of sleep, down to two hours lastnight. They gave me restoril 30mg to try tonight and see if it helps me. They tried 15 lastnight and I got two hours of sleep...they think it’s because I had already been up to a 1mg in Xanax, so my body was used to it already. Hoping for some sleep tonight :( I’ve never had insomnia like this before...I can lay there with my eyes shut for hours and nothing happens.

Pretty certain my anxiety is causing the insomnia, intrusive thoughts.

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Yes, the anxiety completely makes me an insomniac as well. It makes my body full of cortisol and I can feel the anxiety in my veins. Is there something in particular that is causing your anxiety?

Worried about my heart I guess. Since I haven’t been sleeping well I’ve noticed by oxygen level dropped from 98 to 97, and sometimes to 96-95. I’m guessing it’s stress from not sleeping but I’ve got medical anxiety and will be having a heart monitor put on next week, I think sleeplessness has made me anxious and worried about everything including not sleeping which makes my anxiety about it worse

Generally my oxygen level is 97-98 recently

Hi there. I know its been a while since you posted. I am currently struggling with all over body twitches. Been off serdep for about 3 months. How is your twitching?

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