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Elaboration on anxiety


I guess i should elaborate alittle about the anxiety. My 1st attack was when I was 7 when my mom went to jail. Shes dead now. So i seen this quack of a dr. And over medicated me! Im finally free from that! Now am trying to live "sober" ik to stay busy but my classes dnt start till jan. And i find myself bord and tierd of walks and baths. I want to get out there and work! Easier said then done. Xanax has giving me a type of agoraphobia sone days. Ahh this sucks!

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Medicine does crazy things to your mind and body... congrats on going back to school!

Jadedoe in reply to Hidden

Thank you, ik it sounds pretty up and up for me. However i lost so much time on xanax its like learning everything all over, in a sence. And trying to figure out what to do now with no money and waiting till jan. Uhhg time on my hands equals the devils playground.

Bekay in reply to Jadedoe

Go to an aa meeting.

They are everywhere.

Jadedoe in reply to Bekay

Yes, i was thinkibg about an i.o.p prog. Too before school starts. Im 100% atleast will do the meetings, even though im not into the whoke na scene.

Bord af with no job and no money. I cant believe i cant wait till winter so i can go back to school. Then i will be bitchinf on "oh i cant find a parking spot"lol. I was in a bad accident so driving is now a new issue. Jeez the bs with all this!!! The thing i hate about depression is everythibg becomes a chore and is a nuisance. No motivation today! I would have no motivation to kill myself.

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