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Deadly depression since childhood

Hello I also have been suffering from severe depression since I was in grade 5 when my parents were killed.I always sought true love and care and thus married a year back but my husband could not understand my situation at all and he always fought. A month back my husband was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and I've been crying like a child day and night as I can't control myself and it sounds to be I will be left alone once more in life , I've no friends to talk to or no family support.Ive a six months baby ,I am down to such an extent that I can't even concentrate on her.I really don't know what to do.Am 26 years old, sometimes​I want to sleep and not to wake up anymore.

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Call one of these numbers 1.800.273.8255 or 1.800.784.2433 if you think about taking your life. You'll reach a counselor to talk to when you call.

I am happy to talk to you and I'm here almost every day. I can't remember when I've missed a day.

It's very normal to be so upset over your husband's diagnosis and to have difficulty focusing on your baby. But your baby is one person you'll have a great connection to as s/he grows. You are very close family and this relationship can bring you great joy in the coming months and years so hold on to it closely! I know it's hard right now but if you look around you at other moms with their babies the age of yours, you'll see how they play or talk with theirs and have fun with them and if you do the same, you'll learn to enjoy yours, too. This can bring you out of the dark place you are in right now. And that is something you need!!

So...what else do you need to talk about with me?


You are so kind and nice.if my mom were alive she would have been like you.At times of such stress I miss my mom if she could get back to this world.

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