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Positive thinking an exercise has been helping me!

Hi everyone hope all is well. I been really putting my thinking in positive places which been helping me. My negative thinking has caused all my anxiety. Exercise has been a great help. My anxiety was so bad for many of years. Not eating not sleeping always worrying, could not relax,my thoughts an actions was to blame, you can't control everthing. Insomnia was so bad, I had to try to clear my mind before sleep doing good things in the day made me reflect to post I've thoughts. That made sleep better. Aka clear guilt free my mind, when you get checked from your doctor blood work everything xray cat scan. Come to piece with the results, know that it's anxiety an it will not kill you. Anxiety an depression has been my best friend an worst enemy. It changed me for the better but it did it in the worst-case. Find peace an trust your doctor's . Trust in the high power, feel your mind with the good times in the past, look forward to the good times in the future. It will get better make it better. Don't get stuck in the negative anxiety or depression. Break the chains! Know you not alone! We are SPARTANS OF ANXIETY AN DEPRESSION . NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHOOOOOOOOOO!! HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!

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