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Seeing If Support Groups Help Me (and vice versa)


I've had anxiety and panic issues for nearly half my life now. I've tried almost every SSRI/SNRI there is with little benefit. I'm not necessarily a depressed person, at least in my definition, but I think I finally realized that I am indeed depressed. I'm currently taking several medications for the issues I deal with. The worst is the anxiety and panic which only seem to respond to Xanax....which is like veering off into a temporary solutions area. I saw a psychiatrist finally and she wants to try Gabapentin, which I've never tried before and my GP doctor batted away after I Googled alternative medications. I'd love to know if anyone has tried this for panic/anxiety and whether it worked. I've read mixed reviews, which, of course, who knows.

This year I have embraced ideas I used to be skeptical of: acupuncture, aromatherapy, and meditation/mindfulness. I believe they've helped a lot (I would recommend trying these if you haven't), but that I have a lot more ahead of me. I finally realized I need to find what and where my anxiety stems from rather than what medication will solve it.

Finally, I've realized it's time to reach out for support from others who experience the world kind of like I do. I've battled this alongside people who try to understand, but in the end I feel tiring, burdensome, and frustrating. I found this website and figured I would give it a shot and even offer some of my own advice. Cheers to everyone and I hope today is an amazing day.

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Hi and welcome I have been battling depression and anxiety since 8 and

I use to self medicate with alcohol to numb my feelings and to escape to my own little

World I been sober for 3 months since trying antidepressants 3 months ago

I keep going from feeling ok to not feeling good at all and my doctor checking me

Right now for premenopausal because of my PMS be so terrible and I know some


Is wrong am just tired of struggling daily can’t wait to get back out in the world

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Hey Tamka,

Thank you and I'm sorry to hear of your suffering as well. I'm really glad you reached out because I also used to medicate with alcohol. I've turned away from it (I do drink non-alcoholic beers) also so I could give antidepressants a shot. No good taking an antidepressant while drinking a depressant. I definitely understand the struggle of just wanting to function daily. You are absolutely not alone there. I've also felt okay for a bit and then seem to go into anxious periods of time. I've made the promise to myself never to give up finding the solution to the issues we face; I hope the same for you! We can do this.

Yeah, Xanax is wonderful, but it definitely doesn't last long and I end up running a little short (which causes anxiety) sometimes. I'd love to stop taking it, but that'll be another battle for another day. It's unfortunate that one of the few things that works is addictive. I appreciate your words and welcome. It's good to know the path ahead has others on it and that we aren't all wandering alone.

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Am here for u, so don’t hold back. I can’t sleep at night I have restless syndrome

and night sweats and sometimes wake up to panic attacks heart racing head

throbbing and pulsating and am going

To get a EMG on my legs Friday and my

Doctor found blood in my pee and am

Anxious waiting on test results one doctor

want me to be tested again in 6 weeks after physical therapy and another one

said 2 weeks I don’t know if I have endometriosis or premenopausal.

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Wow, I can imagine all that you have on your plate. I always hate feeling stuck in the limbo of waiting on results and tests. Whatever they find, I hope it's something they can fix. I'm so sorry to hear of those symptoms...specifically the heart racing. That is my number one "pushes me into attack" symptom. My doctor actually prescribed a beta blocker off label (atenolol since I have asthma, if you don't proprenolol is better) because it can take away symptoms like the racing heart. After a dose, where my heart rate sits in the 90s-110s while anxious, I've dropped into the 60s and 70s. Blood pressure actually good. Not sure if that's a solution for you, but it's super helpful for the palpitations, sweating, and other issues. Apparently some actors and other performers take it before a gig to stave off stage fright. Regardless, I really hope everything works out: quick and good results with an obvious solution.

My anxiety has been buzzing but I have a feeling it's from a lack of activity. Lethargic, energy zapped....from the meds of course...but if I start trying to get active, the heart rate jumps and then the old anxiety bug comes storming in with its check-list of "what-if's". Normally that was the end of me, but I've found what some helpful places call a "waiting area" for the anxiety. I begin to breathe and be mindful and tell anxiety to take a seat. Thanks for the list, but I'll see you later if and when I can. It's a 50/50 shot, but it used to be a 100% panic attack before. It's worse at work where I feel like a rat stuck in a cage. I can't leave until "relief" arrives as our job must be attended to at all times. So...unless someone is around who can work my job, it's either wait until Lord knows when or ask for an ambulance. I've tried to cut out the irrational thinking. Why do I think I'm having a heart attack (or insert whatever here)? I'll go for a short walk, fending off the weak knees. Call a friend. I swear I try to play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (With Anxiety)? "Uh, let's see anxiety, I'd like to phone a friend to relax?" I'm on my days off, but tomorrow is a return to work and my Xanax is running low...just a few days until refill...but I hate the redundancy of this happening.

Sorry for my little rant here, lol, it's like having an entire library of stories and trying to blab every last billion of them all at once.

I take Xanax too but it don’t last long

Restless legs syndrome

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For RLS you should try ropinirole. Completely stops “that feeling”!

I went to my first Peer Support Group for Mental Health last Friday and I really liked it ! I really want to try acupuncture ! My goal this year is to find new ways to help my anxiety /panic attacks / depression ! Cheers back to you !

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Heya Foxglove,

That's really good to hear and encouraging. I was considering an AA group prior to just stopping my habit, but always felt weird. I think maybe a group session for this might be the pressure off the chest at last. Absolutely check out the acupuncture, I can't rave enough about it. I've gone in with a 8 out of 10 anxiety level and left feeling like I was walking on water. The first session can be tense, but it's fairly painless (a pinch here and there) and the time spent listening to ambient music while your body just remains still is so therapeutic. I can say in confidence that I have fallen asleep on the table, only waking because I was snoring. While it feels good, it's usually for a day for me which is worth every cent. Same goal here for the year! If I find anything good (or you do, please let me know), I'll be sure to pass it along! Good luck and best wishes!

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Thanks ! ;) keep me posted ! Good luck !

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