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I dont know what to do with myself

A little background on myself. As a senior in high school, i was thin and happy and easy going. Once i started college, as a freshman i gained about 50 lbs and my anxiety and stress got out of control. In January, i decided to start a diet to maybe make myself happier and reduce stress and anxiety, since January i have lost 30+ lbs. However, i have become obsessed with the weightloss. Im weighing myself everyday, and when my diet plan calls for a cheat meal, i refuse to eat one. Everyone tells me i look great and that everytime they see me i look skinnier and skinnier, but all i see is myself getting fatter. Im too scared to talk to anyone in my family, but my sister is starting to notice that im obsessed with the fact that i could get fat again and i dont know what to do. Please help.

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Hi I see you have deleted your account but I hope you come back in and read my reply.

You are describing the symptoms of anorexia which is a very serious eating disorder. You need to see your doctor urgently and ask for help. Please don't wait any longer as if you don't eat you could die. Please get help.

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