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Substance Abuse with Dep and GAD

Does anyone also have substance abuse challenges? I feel like I can't find hardly anyone who has this very bad disease and challenge on top of General Amxiety Disirder and Depression- which are obviously 2 more bad challenging diseases. I have had the GAD for most of my 61 years, depression for about 40, and bad substance abuse with Ritalin and stimulants for 25 years. I am starting again today for the 1000 th time trying not to start over and be done with pills. I have trouble feeling like a victim because I have these 3 diseases. That does no good and I don't want to feel sorry for myself. I know many people have even greater problems but if I don't get over the pills now once and for all I will hit rock bottom and loose everything I have. That would be a mental place I could not possibly come back from. Appreciate all suggestions!

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Hey friend, lots and lots of people have substance abuse problems, even if they don't answer here. I have some experiencing working with inpatients programs for people struggling with substance abuse, so I'll try my best to help :) First off, find a support group. It can be for general substance abuse or more specifically for stimulants- or both- and this option is usually no-to-low charge. Second, consider your support network. Is everybody in your life invested in keeping you clean? If not, remove yourself from anyone trying to pull you back into stimulant abuse. If you can't remove yourself entirely, avoid them where possible, and fill their space in your life with people who build you up.

Stimulant abuse is tough, and every addict is in lifelong recovery; the struggle is great, and you're doing awesome every day you fight back against it.


where do you get the ritalin/ stimulants you use? From the doctor or some street corner? If it is the case that you have low energy levels, you should instead let your doctor know so you can be put on a prescription medicine that can help with that and that you would likely not abuse.


There are not any I have not tried


I also have these 3 diseases, although I have been in recovery for my addiction for quite a while. I have found that docs often don't understand the dynamics of addiction, so I am now extremely careful about what I allow them to give me. I was fortunate at the time I hit my bottom with drugs and alcohol to have had good insurance. Inpatient treatment was the way for me to get clean but lots of people use other means. I also thought I would lose everything but I actually gained so much more through recovery. I know now that I was self-medicating my GAD and MDD, but my worst days today are easier than my best days back then. And when I reached out for help, all the people I thought were going to judge me negatively actually showered me with the most amazing love and support. I too get into self-pity mode at times, but like you I think of those who suffer so much more. I guess what I would ask you is whether you've truly hit your bottom? A book that helped me at the time is I'll Quit Tomorrow. That described me to a T. My heart goes out to you. Feel free to ask more questions and I'll try to answer! Sending 🤗🤗🤗!


Thank you for your reply. I have been to rehab 3 times and treatment 5 separate times. I have not hit rock bottom but am very close and don't want to hit it as I don't want to loose any more-. I am on prozac, venlafaxine, and Reneron and trying to decide what level of job I can now handle. I don't think I could handle managing people and sales anymore. I going to get the book today. Any other thoughts? Thank you again


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