Need help with anxiety please

Hi I'm Sergio and I have anxiety and depression. Well my anxiety is krazy especially my symptoms all day everyday I'm feeling bad but I still go on with my day I push myself but I have a psyc all she does is give me pills and I'm scared of the side effects.some times I feel like I have to force myself to breath are I freak out about blinking it's krazy because your body does that on its on I don't know why I have to force myself to do things my body knows how to do on its on is this normal with anxiety are am I going krazy ?????


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  • Bless your heart- I also noticed especially when I tried to sleep that even with my eye lids closed my eyes felt wide open- and I NEVER Slept. Sleep aids did not work for me even. My dr perceived prescribed an antiaanxiety med in addition to all my liver meds and sever depression meds. Lack of sleep is my biggest debilitating factor - I wish you well - find a dr that will listen .. Above all- keep searching for what will work for you💝

  • Sergio I have bad anxiety too. Does the medication help at all?

    I also have OCD, which makes me do things compulsively like touch things and do rituals. Your blinking may just be a nervous habit and you are trying to control when it happens. Are you on meds? What kind ?

  • Sounds like you may be experiencing panic attacks.

    What type of medication(s) are you taking for anxiety?

    I take Klonopin and it helps with panic attacks. I still sometimes get anxious about my breathing whenever I am in a group meditation setting, but for the most part, I am doing better with the panic attacks.

    Your blinking symptom might be a form of OCD so, if your Dr doesn't help you with the medications, you might want to find another Dr but along with meds, talk therapy and Support groups are very helpful.

    Hope that helps you a bit. Remember, you are NOT alone.


  • U are not crazy. I have a problem with thinking that I can't breathe or that my heart is racing. If I get dizzy or light headed then it gets tougher. I have been dealing with it for 20 years and I can say that being anxious all of the time takes a physical toll on your body, especially your heart. If u decide to take medicine just do research about it first. I did well on klonopin, but I stopped it, by tapering down, because it was addicting. I want kids and can't be on it to do so. Just like with anything, medicine affects everyone differently. I can say u should find a good therapist to talk to. They are not medication driven like a psychologist. Only u know what is best for you. Best of luck and I hope u can find relief soon.

  • I would recommend finding some mental health support groups in your area,they are free and i find them helpful. Try (NAMI)

  • Nop you are not going crazy . anxiety is weird sometimes but it wont kill you or makes you made m sure it can be exhausting or distressing alot at points but the best you can do is to let it go . pills help sometimes you will only get side effects when u lay off of your pills without consulting your doctor and jist like that .

  • hi Sergio- i hope you feel better today-i understand those anxiety feelings and sometimes i feel the side effects are worth it in a bad period just to get back to a baseline that feels comfortable. it is lso a lot of thought control and that's hard.

  • Thanks so much everyone hearing you guys with this has been a true blessing I'm not on any meds and will try and find groups that will help me

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