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Feeling Weak

My anxiety just started acting back up this past month. I don't know why. I made an appointment to see a therapist to talk to someone. I felt alottle better letting it out.

The psychologist said i have panic disorder. I always wait for something negative to happen. I'm always afraid that an anxiety attack is going to happen therefore i bring on the symptoms of one. I also think ahead alot. For example i will tell myself that I'm going to have an attack of i drive or when I go to work. It's really scary sometimes.

Im trying calming techniques but sometimes i just feel so tired afterwards.

I also feel weak as an individual for feeling this way.

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It's natural to feel tired after a panic attack. You've been through a great upheaval, a great outpouring of energy. So there's no need for you to feel bad about that.

Since you know that worrying and thinking about having a panic attack helps bring 1 on, doesn't it make sense to imagine that one ISN'T going to happen? Pretend there's a movie playing in your mind and life goes on in this movie and you, the star, go places and do things but there's no panic attack at all. You control whether you have one by controlling this movie. Make it as exciting as possible like riding a horse and jumping over a fence in a race or whatever you'd like to include!

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Thank you Susan! I appreciate your input. Yes It is easier imagine being in a movie it's just the physical symptoms that go along with it that is trying.

I'm trying though. Thanks again for responding.

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