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An odd not entirely negative anxiety feeling


I've never been this anxious before. It's not a panic attack, but I have this sense of...I wouldn't call it impending doom, like I would in a panic attack, just a sense that "something" is about to happen. And I'm so anxious that I'm shaking and I have no idea why. Anyone else ever feel like this and what triggered it? Because I have no idea.

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I imagine something triggered you and reminded you of something bad that happened in the past. If you can, talk to yourself out loud. Describe what you see, feel and hear. Then start telling yourself the truth about your situation like, “I am safe. Nothing bad is happening. My body is just reacting to a trigger. This is what it was designed to do. There is no danger.” Do some deep breathing.

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This happened to me last night and I wish I had seen this. Thank you I will remember this

My therapist has emphasized that anxiety is related to our fight or flight "section" of our brain, so the slightest trigger that sparks that part makes our bodies rush adrenaline to make sure we're alert to stay alive. And that's great until it "short circuits" and sends the panic alert when there's no actual issue. This is likely what's happening to you. For me, I categorized my anxiety as expected and unexpected. Expected was where I totally knew what was causing it and how to stop it. And my unexpected was just me sitting at home and BAM! uneasy, panicky for no reason. That was the cause. My body randomly panicky. I've had to work at understanding I can't tell the future and that "instincts" can be wrong.

Hi, I've only really felt like that when I was taking a medication that didn't agree with me for my ADHD. In my case I think it was hypervigilance caused by that medication making me find something to focus on, but that's quite specific so probably not that in your case. Just thought I'd reply so you know it's not just you, at least one other person can relate!

If you're quite an anxious person anyway, it might be worth looking into the possibility that you could have general anxiety disorder. I'm not an expert, just sounds like it could be GAD because that would explain why you're feeling worried even when nothing is wrong, or finding things to worry about.

I hope you find out what is bothering you soon and a solution that works for you x

Yes! You probably we're triggered by something, but sometimes we have so much happening in the day it is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. I would sit down, wrote down things that happened and maybe see what it is. Also, see if your feeling is false or true. I hope you can figure it out!

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