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Feeling more positive


I have been going through depression and anxiety for several months. This has probably been a companion of mine most of my life I know realize.

After 4 weeks on a SSRI, cipralex/lexapro I can honestly say I feel more positive. Not completely restored but noticeably better than several weeks ago. Even a very stressful weekend with a close loved family member having surgery and several trips to the hospital to support her did not totally flatten me. I did feel stressed but not that curl up in a ball desperation.

I have a telephone interview this afternoon to see if I can qualify for programs offered by the Canadian Mental Health Association. I am praying that I am accepted as they have many good programs.

I need to work on motivation with regards to my work. And I still have trouble with natural sleep. Using a little bit of Ativan to help my racing mind at bedtime.

Overall, feeling positive going forward.

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How wonderful that you're feeling better!! The medicine you're on is helping you feel better!! Yayyy!!! You can look forward to improving even more!! And you successfully weathered a challenging weekend! But be prepared...if you start to sink in your mood several weeks from your doctor right way and report it so he/she can adjust your antidepressant.

Congratulations on feeling better and on getting back on track with your life!!

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Thank you BonnieSue... by no means am I "all better" I know baby steps and progress is the way forward. I just did my telephone intake interview with CMHA and have been accepted for both councelling and drop in programs...there is a 3 month wait list for councelling but I am intrigued by what it might offer. The drop in programs include things like mindfulness relaxation and some good peer groups. Thanks again for your support.

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It all sounds good and helpful. I hope it proves to be all it seems. I kind of wish I could drop in to some of those programs myself!


thanks... I wish you and everyone could... I would truly do anything to take away depression and anxiety from people.


You are very kind and generous. If only wishes were reality!!

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