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Sad Day

I'm very tired of nobody understanding what my depression feels like. I wish my boyfriend could walk a day in my shoes. I love him. But it is so hard. He just got a full time job. I'm really lonely again. After my dad died my depression just worse and worse. And even though I'm better now, I feel terrible a lot. And lonely. Because even though I'm loved, nobody can see

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Hi I know how frustrating that can be-my son has come back home and he doesnt understand either; people who dont have this will never understand.

They think its like when someone feels fed up-multiply it by a million and thats the answer !

I wish that everyone would get the true spiritual and supernatural and turn to God cos this is the one and only REAL ANSWER

All the best to you and your boyfreind - with lovexxx and HUGS


hi irishmermaid

I wish others would see us.

I was out shopping yesterday.could not stop the tears,people looking.

no reason for tears,just got a "attack" I suppose it was just a rubbish day.

I'm new hear and had no idea so many people on this site.

hopefully we can support /advice each other.

you take care 😊


Hang in there, irishmermaid. *hugs* This forum has really been helping me. I have been relating to a lot of people on this site and I don't feel as alone.


Irishmermaid, we and I understand what it feels like. Our family and friends hopefully will not know what it's like but they have the responsibility if they say they care to educate themselves about it. There are plenty of articles online about depression and anxiety. Psychology today would be a good start. Some are written by Drs. And professionals. God bless


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Thank you all for your support. It really means a lot to have someone understand :)


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