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Why is it so hard not to be sad?

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I have depression and I'm taking Prozac. Its hard to try and not be sad, especially when I'm alone for long periods of time.

Recently I've been doing pretty well. A majority of my days have been "good days". Even when something goes wrong or not great I perk back up a lot easier and faster than a few months ago.

I just crave intimacy with others, whether its friendship or more, but there arent a lot of people I can actually spend time with and I shouldn't get into a relationship right now since I'm about to head off to college (nd no one in this small town wants me). I just get so lonely and demotivated to easily.

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I always wanted to isolate when I was depressed. Being okay with self takes a lot of work and in my experience, cannot be done alone. Building a positive support network was key to recovery for me. Support groups, 12- step groups, such as Emotions Anonymous can be very beneficial in building a support network of understanding people. Keep taking good care of you.

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I hear ya, I isolate myself a lot when my depression gets to be to much. I have friends but I keep them at arms length, i just feel like i need someone to talk to but its so hard to open up. I get lonely in every aspect. depression sucks! i have my good days and my bad days but lately bad days are more often than not. Sometimes I have to force myself to communicate with others to get myself out of this funk. I am new to this but I am hoping it helps. My doc suggested therapy.

I hope you are ok....

I just want to send you a big hug !

Since I quit social media I don’t talk to a lot of people every day . I have only a few friends I talk to every week .

I volunteer a lot and that is how I connect with people !

Take care !! You are not alone ❤️

You have admitted you had been doing well lately. You are starting a new chapter of your life (going to college), which means you can leave the town and the people behind you and focus on what is ahead of you, your future. College is place where you can create those relationships that will last a lifetime. Just give it time and be open and available to others. People can sense when you are timid around them so take the initative and join different clubs, activities, or volunteer on campus. Be involved. Its not about the quantity of friendships or relationships, its about the quality. I'm sure you want quality relationships which again take time to form and maintain. Remember your successes and focus on your achievements. You are making great progress and that is wonderful. Whatever you are doing, do more of it and when you go to college, let go and be yourself. Don't try to be anyone else to fit in. You are at a point where the right people will like you just the way you are. And even if hundreds or thousands of people in your town don't like you, you only need a handful of the right people in your closest circle to make the journey of going through life that much easier.

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