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people phobia and social phobic

hi everyone iam new to this .i have a social phobia and people phobia and ptsd and a lot of other issues i dont go around people and be a home most of my days .i have 4 lovely kid. whom, i feel bad because they never get to do anything, because of my issues. i have a 2,7,8,10 year old. i wont to be able to go to the park and do things with my kids but, i have panic attacks when iam in public. how can i get help?

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Maybe you can find a counselor who will work with you over your computer? Using Skype or the telephone? At least in the beginning? There's an app (application) for your computer to talk long distance for free. I've forgotten the name of it. Possibly you can search on the website Psychology Today and see if any counselors/therapists listed there are willing to work with you under these conditions until you're able to come to their office.

Also you could possibly get to a doctor's office once to get a medication for anxiety which will help you greatly to be able to go out and keep appointments away from home. You could talk to the counselor about this and see what's possible. You would still need to see the doctor for check ups but if the medicine is working the 2nd and 3rd appointments, and further ones you won't find so difficult. I think these are possibilities worth checking into, don't you?


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