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seek suggestions on 8-year-old boy's chocking phobia and anxiety


Hello everyone! I am new here. My 8-year-old son has anxiety, specifically, chocking phobia due to a chocking accident in 2016. The chocking accident seemed not very scary at that time, and he was okay after the food was taken out right after he screamed. But, several months later, he got chocking phobia and was under Prozac for about 1 year. Unfortunately, his chocking phobia was back this spring after stopping the med for 6 months. This time, we don't want to use med, and prefer natural therapy. He is on saint john's wort for about 2 months and the anxiety has been relieved a lot. But, it's still there and he still eats slowly. Do you have experience to try saint john's wort and passion flower together? Will it be safe for kids? Thanks a lot for any suggestions here!

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Yes I have quite a lot of experience....and would suggest you contact a certified herbalist to insure proper dosage....both these herbs can have profound side effects if not regulated properly....passion flower especially....and st. johns wort does not mix well with others at times. But under the right conditions herbal medicine can be's a slow process and you have to be very patient as most take days and weeks to get up to a level in your system to do what they are intended to do, and you have to take them regularly. Many don't believe herbs work because they are looking for the immediate reaction you get from pharmaceuticals. I've been into herbals since the age of 15, and I'm in my mid sixties now. I'm glad to hear your son is getting some relief.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Do you know how to find a certified herbalist? Thanks a lot for your help!

it depends on what country you live in and what standards an herbalist has to meet, i'd just google your area and start doing your homework would be the best.

Have you heard of feeding therapy? I wonder if that would help him. My grandson has benefited greatly from it.

Yes, my son is in the eating disorder program at an local University and he sees a therapist regularly. But, it seems the exposure therapy doesn't play a enough role for him. Is the feeding therapy you mentioned the treatment to ask the patient to try foods? Thanks a lot!

Yes, I believe so. My grandson has autism and would only eat a handful of foods. He would gag and throw up anything else. They created a program where he is doing so much better.

I developed a phobia of choking when I was 8 years old as well, my parents did not know what to do. I would be so scared I would chew my food and spit it in napkins without them seeing, or would shove food down my pants and go to the bathroom and flush it down to toilet - giving the illusion I ate my food. This developed at 8, went away around 10, came back at 12, went away at 15 and now I am 23 and am dealing with small fears about it from persistent anxiety. Nothing like it used to be though. The best advice I can give you is to use patience. It is a very scary idea and when it seems as it’s something that is wronged and panicked it makes it all the worse. He will get back into it and this period of time will subside, I’m sure. Bless your little one ❤️ Also, when I was younger my dad always had ice pops around. He told me that I would be okay if I ate but if I did get anxious and feel I was choking from eating the smallest piece of whatever I was given to eat, that the ice pop would ease it. It helped. OH! ALSO! I forgot to mention it, I’m not sure if CBD oil is out of the picture for you? It’s a natural body relaxer that relieves the body and that is all. There is no THC levels in it. Does not effect the mind. You can get different types of supplements such as gummies, oils, mixtures to put in drinks such as lemonade, etc. Depending where you live, you may be able to pick some up in your local health food store. Perhaps that may calm his little mind and relax his body, letting him engage normally in food again. Best of luck and may God be with you!

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