Is it wrong to put your happiness in others hands?

I know I shouldn't but I've been relying on other people for my happiness and it upsets me becuse if a certain person doesn't message me I become really sad and parionod but when they do message me I litrelly feel ecstatic and it's frustrating because I shouldnt be relying others for my happiness but I am and it's really bringing me down and it makes me feel like no one is there for me and I feel annoying and worthless

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  • I get that aswell sometimes and ik how shit that feels.. just try to take your mind off of it or if you feel like there might be a problem with that certain person e.g why they don't message u frequently - talk it out with the person because it might just be your brain being a bit paranoid but it's good just to check and make yourself less upset if someone specific doesn't text you... hope this helped in ANY way x😁😅

  • I totally undersatand and I know I should rely on others, but it's just a subconscious thing, your not in controle of it. You can almost say it's a trigger if you want you can just message me and I'll message back just to have that slfeelubg someone's there lol jr hey I'm not invisible or unimportant and I do exist and I do matter enough for someone to respond lol

  • Why don't you call the person? You don't have to stay on the phone for a long time...just a few friendly words wondering how the other person is? They can't be busy 24 hours a day... keep calling, leave a cheerful (as you can!) message... you can tell a lot more about a person from the sound of their voice and what they are up to, but actually talking--you can tell if they really care about you at all... and it sounds like you 'need some answers' here. Good luck to you, and yes, it may not necessarily 'wrong'... but it is not fulfilling to put your happiness in the hands of others... it really is not anyone else's job to keep you happy... (honest! :) )

  • Text CARE. TO. 751751 for a counselor

  • You should try and make your own happiness. Get out of the house. Do things you like. Exercise. Read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie. I hope you can find happiness within yourself because people are likely to let you down because of busy lives or their own personal issues.

  • Your feelings are real, but you do not have to prove your self worth or give that much power to one person.

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