Head spinning

Head spinning

Hi all I'm new I'm 46 diagnosed with anxiety since 16 and atrial fibrillation at 42 And now premenopausal lol crazy right I take klonopin one time a day and Zoloft I can take the k as needed Anything brings the attacks on my palms sweat heArt races And body tingles I know what it is know it's a feeling and it will be ok but that feeling is so scary would like to know if I'm alone or others feel what I feel

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  • Hi I found going through the change tough as well. I had night sweats, hot flushes, and anxiety and loss of emotional control. I remember a nurse saying to me once that the menopause doesn't create new problems but it can make existing ones worse.

    I found what helped me the most was going on HRT. Have you considered this? The good thing is the change doesn't last forever and it's great once it's all over and you can wear white trousers again...

  • Whats HRT???

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is available on prescription.

  • Really ???? Like Progesterone ?

  • I don't know what progesterone is. I thought everyone had heard of HRT!

  • During the menopause your oestrogen levels drop which causes the symptoms of it. HRT provides oestrogen which relieves it.

  • So just ask my PCP????

  • I don't know what PCP is either. You need to ask your doctor as it is only available on prescription.

  • PCP is primary care doctor

  • Yes that's who to ask. I guess you are not in the UK...

  • I do not want to take birth control

  • It is not birth control! When you are menopausal your oestrogen levels drop which is why you get hot flushes, sweats etc. HRT replaces some of the oestrogen in your body which relieves the symptoms. It is a very common drug and many menopausal women take it. It is nothing to do with birth control.

  • Thanks and no I am in NYC

    I will def research

  • Hi, be careful with things that are promoted by Big Pharma. Try a natural way to overcome the physical signs of the menopause. Talk to a functional medicine doctor!

  • Nope you're not alone. I also have A Fib and anxiety and depression. I thought i was the only on. I was just recently diagnosed with all of this and i just turned 30. Its been very diffucult. I should be enjoying my life but here i am. Alone and stuck in bed trying to avoid the world and food.

  • Hi, you are not alone. I am one of them... And 40 million people in America suffer from depression and anxiety.

    I can't eat either. Every day, I wake up with anxiety and it lingers on till 6 pm. HOrrible.

  • I am functioning but almost feels like I am anticipating the worst to come.. I have a 6 year old so I have to keep my sanity... the klonopin helps but its the wondering that drives me nuts

  • Yeah i understand same here i think occupying my mund helps. To just take in the moment as just that.

  • Its amazing how the mind works... if I deep breathe its ok...but the pill helps the most

  • Im thinking i should also get a pill. I just dont eant to take anything daily. I have enough to take with this dilt amd blood pressure med and rhey have me on aspirin fpr the a fib.

  • It doesn't interfere at all I take .5mg of Klonopin every morning Im on baby aspirin 81 and multax and cartia for afib, there is no side effects and they can be taken together... I only start getting real bad like a week before my period comes then my hormones are nuts... I started the once a day regimen 3 weeks ago ... and seem so much better I just get scared when it happens I feel so alone but now that I am here it seems im not the only that goes through it

  • You're right. I feel alone a lot too. But thats why i come here.

  • Its nice to know I can come here now as well... on that note going to lunch ill be back

  • Hi, I can feel your pain. I have a daughter too, and I don't want to frighten her or to make her worry about me but she is anyways. That is sad.

    Yes, I take Klonopin but it is not helping at all. I take Seroquel for sleep. But I do want to get away these harmful drugs. I wish CBD Oil could help. I have been on it for a month now.

    How are you these days?

  • Allovertheplace, yes I've had those thoughts and feelings and they are very scary. I take klonapin also, it helps but I find therapy very nessessary to talk things out. I am 60 and it does seem like my symptoms got worse after menopause. I also have OCD and find that that has gotten worse. I take Prozac for the OCD and depression. I have had anxiety since my teens and sometimes it's ok, and then it flares up for different reasons. Find a good therapist. That would help you understand what triggers your anxiety. This is a good site, we talk freely about our feelings. God BlessLD

  • Thanks so much... I was doing talk therapy but I feel it wasn't helping the way I needed it to be

  • How did you need it to help? Therapy doesn't cure you but it is a place to talk about and sort out painful feelings and to be aware of trigger points. It can also teach you techniques to cope. A good therapist can also get you to look at your problems from different angles.

  • I have been in and out of talk therapy for 30 years not looking for a cure at all. She helped me in ways that I needed as far as defining it as just a feeling , and deep breathing, and knowing how to recognize it and to tell myself this will pass ... She helped me def! But not sure what other guidance can be done

  • Well apart from the medical side there is only the self help route left. Google mindfulness, meditation, and yoga as these might all help you.

  • Yes, I was in therapy for years but the depression, anxiety never went away. It was a good place or a safe place to talk with caring person.

  • That's great.... I appreciate all your help.. I was contemplating Yoga as well.. I heard its amazing... as long as its not the hot one, that will trigger an anxiety attack...

  • Yes, mindfulness meditation, tapping, belly breathing.

  • Glad to know there are other mature women with anxiety issues. I was wondering if being post menopausal has aggravated my anxiety. Some days I think I am going nuts. Then I lose my confidence at work. I liked the blog post about embracing your anxiety and learning from it. That might take a little work on my part!

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