Feeling down? Tired of fighting? Wellllll..

Stop the fight.

It's okay.

Stop trying to get better.

Give your body and mind rest.

Stop searching for answers to every symptom.

Stop being mad at yourself for getting these symptoms.

Let anxiety pass through.

This journey with anxiety could be long or short.. it's up to you.

If you want a short visit from anxiety, stop giving anxiety attention.

The more attention you give anxiety the more luggage it will bring with it and will make its self right at home in your body and mind.

It's an unwanted guest so stop giving it power. Stop feeding it.

It'll take the hint and eventually pass through.

Now stop pitying yourself and go and do something productive or something that makes you happy. Do something the old you enjoyed- get that person back. Actually- you won't get that person back you'll get an even BETTER version of yourself back... wanna know why? Because you are 10 times stronger from this experience!!! We always look at anxiety so negatively but did you ever think maybe it helped us GROW and make us STRONGER. Try and stop throwing yourself pity parties and be compassionate towards yourself. You're a BOSS. You have been through hell and now you're going to make it through to the other side!! Anxiety is like a tunnel.. you can easily make it through- just look for the LIGHT.


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  • thanks that helps me a lot

  • I wish it was that easy 😭

  • Hey now- I never said it was easy! lol it's not. But we've got anxiety, might as well try and get along with it while it's here. Try not to rush recovery or judge yourself and just let anxiety pass through! Accept your symptoms and know that they might stick around for a little while and that's ok. It's only normal for our minds and body's to be overwhelmed since we let them be that way for so long. It's not easy but it's worth it! (And it truly does get easier with time)

  • I know. I really try but this depersonalization/derealization is hell. I'm really living in a nightmare for over 9 weeks. I lost myself and my life. I just want to cry all day.

  • Yeah that symptom was awful! I remember when I would feel so stuck and understood but that's just an offshoot of anxiety. I got through it and so can you! Just gotta change how you react to it. It'll get better, just takes time.

  • What worked for you?

  • What worked for me was when I finally stopped obsessing over it and judging myself for having this surreal symptom. I stopped reacting to it in a negative and hopeless way. I started to realize that my days weren't going to change if I kept reacting to it and giving it power. All it is is a symptom. You're not going crazy- it's purely a symptom from our overworked minds and all the adrenaline that has no outlet. So I just lived uncomfortably for a few weeks and stopped reacting. My mind started to relax and the derealization happened less and less. Slowly but surely. Just gotta stop giving it power.

  • I really try to do that. But I'm waking around with so much fear and this weird fake feeling that I can't even explain. It's been 9 weeks of hell. I just want to cry all day. Can't even do that because sometimes I'm emotionally numb. I'm actually shocked that I have broke down and cried a few times.

  • The hardest part is exactly that...the power part...the thoughts keep coming back.

  • Try and think of the thoughts as a "test" a test of how little you can react to it. Every time it happens; react less and less and it'll eventually lose power. I'm with ya, it's not a fun process but it is a rewarding one! When the thought comes.. try and change the habit you've developed. Just know it's simply an offshoot of anxiety, it's not real, it's a lie. Just accept it and move on. Don't dwell. And don't get mad at yourself for having these thoughts still..it'll take time to get rid of these habits. But they will go away! Just gotta stop giving it power ❤️

  • CatP36 I know exactly how you feel. I sit and cry all day. I'm afraid all day. I'm so sick of feeling this way. I'm tired of the constant tense feeling, headaches, trembling... I feel so dead inside

  • I don't wish this upon anyone. It's hard to even think of the old me. 9 weeks ago old me. The one that her passion was cooking, shopping, going out with her kids, makeup, photography, loving, happy....... I was don't even know anymore. I feel like I'm crazy.

  • I'm crying as I type because just 2 months ago I was fine😥😥. Now I wake up everyday fearing that I'll die. I've lost weight because I don't eat. I work from home so going anywhere is on existent because I care for my mom.

  • I have lost so much weight too. And I was only 97 pounds so you can only imagine what I look like now. I am disappearing. Someone saw me the other day and was shocked. I'm suffering big time. I will pray for us.

  • I'll pray for us too. I'm seeing a therapist but it's only the beginning so we'll see. In the meantime I've been searching for group therapy in my area. Maybe you should try that

  • I understand how scared you are. I have struggled with anxietyfor years and also lost a ton of weight.It seems that no matter what I eat the stress inside me gobbles it up. All I can say is take one day at a time, walk outside everyday even if it's just 10 minutes to start and try to be aroundnature.Think of your surroundings and be in with the nature.Just take a 10 minutebreak from worrying and take slow deep breaths. Anxietyis a monster that is always there waitingto flood your mind with terror thoughts. Give the mind a break with concentrating on your breath and the walk. Do it everyday. You are not alone, I know how you feel.

  • If you haven't- visit AnxietyNoMore.co.uk.com

    Also get the audible app and listen to "You 1, Anxiety 0" by Jodi Aman.

    I remember the helpless stage. I got through it guys. You can too. My strong anxiety started in November... I lost weight too from being fearful all the time and all the symptoms.. I started feeling more like myself in March.. and every day is getting better now. It just takes some time!! P.s we have a lot in common. Cooking and shopping are my passion as well. I remember having the fear that I wouldn't enjoy those things again and guess what? I do again. You will too!!

  • I will check it out Thanks. I do feel hopeless. I don't even know if taking medication is going to help. Since Zoloft didn't work and I'm scared to switch to something else. I love cooking and photography. I have a food page on Instagram that is looking really sad right now since I haven't been able to cook.... what a nightmare

  • Hi. You sound depressed. Can you see a psych to help you? Meds work.

  • What a wonderful inspiring post.

  • I needed this. Thank you!

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