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Rough few days

Hi All! I'm new here. My anxiety is starting to get rough. I'm currently home from work because I'm just exhausted. The doctor prescribed me .25 mg on xanax. It gave me temporary relief, but now i'm starting to feel really down & i'm not a depressed person. The other day I had a panic attack, which I don't usually get (I'm an anxious person but don't get full blown attacks)..I took a xanax and my anxiety got worse. I couldn't calm myself down so I went to the hospital. I just feel really antsy and on edge. I think i'm going to stop taking the xanax. I just started therapy last week, so i'm hoping that works. I'm just praying i'm not a hopeless case..I'm really scared. Kind words and advice are appreciated!

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Hi I also have panic attacks and I understand how you feel.I used to take Xanax but for me it only helped for a minute and made my panic attacks happen more often.I used to feel hopelessness also you can overcome this.Relaxation is the key for me.Im not in therapy but I'm thinking about it but I'm scared.Im also unemployed and wanting to go back to work.I don't know if I am able to physically.


Yeah, I've learned breathing correctly is key. I have asthma on top of this so its also a struggle. I'll get through it..just going through a rough patch. Thanks for your kind words. I believe in you. I know you'll be able to get back to work. Please please consider therapy. I've heard it's really the key to healing. If money is a factor, I know a lot of them do sliding scale to accommodate your income :)


i have panic attacks to i cant even relax


You are not alone❤️ I am a 66 year old grandmother and I am in the same place. You can try "Mastery of your Anxiety and Panic" by Barlow & Craske. My Therapist Recommended it. I am home from work for a week now. Everything crashed at once. Cancer, Stress at work, etc., I have GAD, the panic is taking over😕 I am trying to relax and do guided meditations. (There are some excellent apps). Waiting for new medications to kick in so I can function again. Be gentle with YOU....this site is nice, so you know you are not alone🌺 Namaste

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Thanks Caroleje. I've started medication but i'm waiting for it to kick in. My mind is starting to relax but my heart won't quit racing. It's either one or the other or both at the same time. It's rough..Thanks for the kind words! It is nice to know i'm not alone.


Also, I hope you feel better soon! I know it's a lot to deal with but you will make it!


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