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I punched the wall a few times yesterday

And now my hand is bruised and it hurts. Can people please answer some of my questions?:

1) How do you get diagnosed for bipolar?

2) how do you live with bipolar before diagnosis?

3) how can I vent my anger without punching the wall but still get the same feeling of removing that emotion?

4) How can I rest? When I sleep and wake up, I wake up not rested and feel all the crap from the day before

I could really do with moral support just to keep me going because both my body and mind are crying to just shut down...

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How do you get diagnosed? You see a psychiatrist. Maybe your GP can, but a psychiatrist definitely can, that's his/her area of expertise besides writing prescriptions.

Before diagnosis you deal with being bipolar one minute at a time. You cope the best way that you can. If you're feeling impulsive, you remove the temptations; like money, gambling, etc. You get yourself away from any temptations and stay away until the impulse stops. If you have to, go stay with someone who will help you not to give in to any vices. Give them control over your money just for awhile IF they are someone you can trust. Check out the website There isn't a bipolar community here.

How do you vent your anger? How about a real punching bag? Set one up in your garage or home or apartment? Use it only during reasonable hours if it's in an apartment? Try punching pillows on the bed? Swim laps for 45 minutes? Run at least a few miles at a steady pace and sprint at the end?

I don't have any ideas for your rest, but I would ask the doctor when you go to see the psychiatrist. S/he can prescribe an antidepressant that will make you very sleepy and may help. Please make an appointment asap because it can take awhile to get in. Ask around for referrals to a psychiatrist. Look at the photos on Psychology Today's website. You can read about doctors and therapist's philosophies, specialties, education, fees, insurance accepted and so on. This list won't be complete.

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What would I do without your help? Thanks 🙏🏼

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