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Feel like I'm Going

Where do I start.

I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression by a Dr. I have seen him twice now. But my problems / feelings never seem to happen before appointment.

For example went to the dr and appointment went well. Get home to find out my step has told his mom that he no longer wants to live with us. When asked why he looks over at his mom. So we let him go live at his dads for 2 weeks and he was supposed to come home.

He has now refused to come home. He has texted his mom and called her a cunt.

His father refuses to send him back. My wife has primary custody.

One minute I'm sick to my stomach next minute. I'm crying. I feel bad for my. Not sure what to do.

I do know that his dad has filed for full custody.

I'm not on any medication yet. I suppose to see another doctor in 2 weeks for medication.

I'm just so tore up inside. The step son has also been saying dads getting me a truck, dads getting me a new phone. Dad getting me this and that. I feel like his dad is buying his love and me and my wife can't compete.

Her ex-husband is the type of person that would file for child support too.

My has told me if this is too much for me she would leave!

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That seems to happen to me as well. When I get to my appointment I can't remember anything that's recently happened or how it affected me, so it's as if I'm doing great. But then stress happens and I don't know why I can't think to express it during my appointment so I can get some advice. I had a therapist at one point who suggested I start journaling. I'm actually considering it. I feel like I'm so overwhelmed I can't get a grip on everything going on.


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