Had the worst mothers day ever 😢

Had the worst mothers day ever 😢

On mothers day was my mums 10 year anniversary when we lost her so built up the courage to go to the cemetery as when I'm anxious i dont like going up as it triggers me off a bit anyway i got to my mums grave and i was presented with the biggest shock ever her headstone had been removed because someone had been buried with her that person was my dad and i didnt even know he had died.im heartbroken once again my own family never even told me my own dad had died or was even ill we hadn't spoken for a year because he was very mean to me and my daughter but he was still my dad and i had a right to know he was ill I could of gone to see him so we could of made up and found peace before he passed i just fèel so empty im now a orphan and never felt so alone in all my life I was doing so well aswell after a few weeks ago when i had abit of a break down now im straight back to square one again at least one good thing has come out of this my mum and dad are finally reunited and shes no longer on her own

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  • Thanks honey yeh he was my step dad but he was the only dad i ever had and we were so very close until he became cruel but i forgave him years ago he just missed out on so much with his granddaughter over something silly. I hope he knew I do love him because i do so much it was just a terrible shock as i didnt even know but therez only me now as i dont have any family now o ly my hubby and my daughter they all i need now ive joined the bereavement site got some fabulous support from the admin thanks again

  • Got to be a terrible shock. But all these things make us stronger.

    You must concentrate on you now and your husband and daughter, make the most of them.

    You're not an orphan, you just lost your parents, we all do in time. I never got on with my Mum and will always regret that, but she could have been here another 20 years and it would have been the same.

    Don't beat yourself up and ruin your life with "what ifs"

    Look to the future xxx

  • Thanks for your positive advice im just going to put everything into my life now not before

  • Omg I am so sorry. There really are no words. I'm an only child with a stepson I rarely see. You're not alone here. On anytime.

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