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I'm 26 born and raised in Minneapolis, depression has been an uphill battle for 10+ years. I have been hopping the fence on medication because I am not a fan of taking pills every day. Some days I cant leave the house and others days I feel rather hollow or lacking of substance. Talking to friends help but sometimes I get to a point and rather not reach out.

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Have you tried reading any books that can possibly help with coping with depression or even like working out to get your mind off thing's.


The chemistry of calm is one I liked the most. It focuses on changing lifestyle and diets and the such. I just went for a hike with one of my friends. Exercise has been one of my focuses, walk at least 10k steps a day. It does stimulate the mind and body.


I can relate to not wanting to leave the house, but that has just been for the past year for myself.

I experienced various physical illnesses and conditions, which caused me to stop the volunteer work that I LOVED since I've been retired.

But I digress. I HAVE been in therapy and take medicines for my anxiety and depression. However, the BEST thing that worked for me was joining a self-help group! There are many out there and most are free! They may ask for a very small donation, but only if you can afford it.

Unfortunately, my particularly set of groups have stopped for various reasons, but I found one online in meetup.com! I think that's the url.

Anyway, the one I found is not far from me and they sound similar to my other self-help group. You don't HAVE to talk, participate, just show up and listen to others who are going through similar stuff that you are going through.

I plan to start going to this new group as soon as it gets warm here again. I live in NJ and HATE Winter, not just the lack of sunlight but the cold temps.

Hope I was able to help.

Good Luck,



I understand what your going threw ,the way I got threw the depression I have true friends that pulled me threw everything


I'm very sorry for your pain... Do you have a therapist and have you considered a low dose antidepressant. It’s worth researching. It works wonders for me!


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